Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

When I think about life without Morgan, I think of a dark cloud always appearing and never going away. Kind of like the sun disappearing and never coming back. Morgan Ingram was a wonderful, free-spirited soul who had so much going for her. She was never a drug addict nor took drugs to end her life. Why? Because Morgan was never running to begin with. She never had to escape. There was no reason for her to escape. 
She was happy and loved life. Her stalker and his family and friends including social justice warriors (SJW) like to perpetuate the idea that a young woman with no history of drugs or crime would take her own life and that a man who has a history of drugs, crime and mental illness is innocent. This same man has bragged publicly while intoxicated that he did kill Morgan and how he got away with it only to retract his statements while sober. This same man denied being near the Ingrams' house only to be caught looking right at the camera. Lets not forget about everything most of you do not know, including the equine Amitriptyline being stolen and the fact that Keenan was so sloppy and forgot certain things at the house.
Yet he is painted as the innocent party and the victim is attacked. Why is that? Morgan never took her own life. She was never a suicidal person and has helped many people refrain from taking her life.
"I was having a horrible breakup with a boyfriend. I truly loved him, but it turned out he never loved me. I really wanted to take my life. That was before I talked to Morgan," Isabella Hash told AJ Jung. "Morgan saved my life. There is no way she would ever consider suicide. She hated pills."
As 2016 was filled with sadness and madness, justice has not happened. At least yet. With so many tears shed and a lot of broken hearts, we are now going into 6 years since Morgan Ingram was stalked, raped and murdered. We will never stop in our quest to get justice for what really happened to Morgan Jennifer Ingram. We will continue expose the truth and laying the facts out there until justice happens. We will never give up on Morgan Ingram.
Happy New Year!