Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Unregistered sex offender Terry Stipp

Terry Stipp back in 2008.
Unregistered sex offender Terry Stipp aka Terry Sholes aka Terry Cavitalo from Lake, Florida has taken her harassment to new heights and to new depths in the most recent months by impersonating Toni Ingram, Steve Ingram, Rainer Jundt, Sarah Afshar, Jodin Davunt and Joseph Valo III. Just recently the self-admitted pedophile, has got a lot sloppier after she was exposed as Marcie Wogan with her fellow crusader and serial catfisher, Tricia Griffith of Websleuths. This excludes her association with the father of all trolls, oh hail mighty fufu MayraMM who is also part of the scam or Stipp's ongoing obsession with William Murtaugh (Murtwitnessone) who is a victim of both Stipp and Griffith. This is real folks, this woman is using the internet to further her agenda and to help her friend Tricia Griffith by attempting to steal the identities of Toni Ingram, Steve Ingram, Rainer Jundt, Sarah Afshar, Jodin Davunt, Joe Valo, William Murtaugh and now Marcie Wogan. 
Mary Sholes has been alerted of her scam and is in such poor health, she was not reached out a second time. But we intend to file the appropriate claims with proof that Terry Stipp and Tricia Griffith are in fact behind identity theft of Toni Ingram, Steve Ingram, Rainer Jundt, Sarah Afshar, Jodin Davunt, Joe Valo, William Murtaugh and Marcie Wogan. Because Terry Stipp is an unregistered sex offender who is disabled and doesn't leave her house, we are going through a process which we will keep you updated on.
Case information courtesy of Murtwitnesslive.
If you come across any posts that come from Toni Ingram or Steve Ingram or Rainer Jundt or Sarah Afshar or Jodin Davunt or Joe Valo or even William Murtaugh or Marcie Wogan under any one of their aliases, it is Terry Stipp. Report it immediately. You can also contact us here. Don't be fooled by the scam. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Steve Ingram

Steve Ingram, the father of Morgan celebrates his birthday today. A big shout out to Steve Ingram. Happy Birthday!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

MayraMM bullies Ann Coulter on Twitter

The Father of all Trolls Mayra Martinez has took her bullying towards president Trump and his supporters to new heights when she took to Twitter to exercise her 1st amendment right. In the process, she proved her lunacy when she started attacking Ann Coulter just because Ann Coulter mentioned the demographic factors of those vandalizing public property.
This is the same type of person who would light a Trump piƱata on fire, vandalize public property and take a dump on anything that deals with Trump all because they are butt hurt Hillary Clinton didn't become president. Trumphausen by Proxy? May we also add that this is also the same woman who is defending a murderer while spreading lies and attacking an innocent mother and her supporters in the process.