Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marcie Wogan (Stipp) stalks Toni Ingram, Jodin Davunt, and Sarah Afshar...

...among many other people who support Toni and believe Keenan Vanginkel stalked and murdered Morgan Ingram. The lengths these bar hags will go is hilarious. We just continue to expose their lies and they continue to make themselves look like fools.
The harassment and stalking towards Toni and Steve Ingram begins when
Mayra along with Tricia and Terry decided to create a fake alias from a woman named
Marcie. There is talk that Marcie use to be a member of Websleuths and shared
an opinion that Keenan Vanginkel was innocent, but in recent years there is proof that the
real Wogan is too sick to go online, so Terry Stipp aka Cavitalo posts on the account.
As Always; M?
For good measure
Your blood boils every single time Toni Ingram creates a blog post.
You aren't fooling anyone you malicious baby booming bully.
and more propaganda is spread by these women. Watch as they attempt to harass Sarah Afshar, a young woman who publically supports Toni Ingram. This type of harassment is buck passing which is used by most sock accounts. This tactic is textbook slander at it's finest. As you can see, this is not the real Marcie Wogan because as a former attorney, she would know that this is libel.
What crimes? Sarah Afshar has never been arrested for anything. She is not nor ever was a 'web cam performer'
and just because someone is Iranian does not mean they are Muslim. There is no proof that is her dad. Just more lies from unregistered sex offender Terry Stipp (Cavitalo), criminal enabler extorter Mayra Martinez aka MayraMM, and Toni Ingram hater, victim blaming bully Tricia Griffith's shared sock.
More lies from Windchime aka Terry Stipp, MayraMM aka Mayra Martinez and Websleuths aka Tricia Griffith sock account. The racism here is absolutely disgusting and proof these women do nothing but spread lies.
All because Afshar supports Toni Ingram.
Just more propaganda spread to make it look like Toni Ingram and her supporters are lying, when in fact they are telling the truth. Part of their attention diversion scam to deflect attention from the real facts which we have presented on this blog.

We have posted the truth. Everything you posted has been edited and changed.
You don't have everything either. We have a lot more.
You wish you had power or influence in this case, but the truth is
you have none and you are not doing anything, but creating muddy waters while
enabling a criminal to stalk and kill again.
As you can see, this woman is not the victim. Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon is trying to garner sympathy and pity to evoke compassion from na├»ve people. She is stalking and libeling Toni Ingram and anyone who supports Toni Ingram and those that believe she is a liar (which she is) and using another woman's identity to do so (in this case Marcie Wogan). Don't be fooled people.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tricia Griffith and MayraMM use a mentally ill man to silence Toni Ingram, Sarah Afshar and Joseph Valo III

Recently the queen of catfishing (Tricia Griffith of Websleuths) joined the father of trolls (Mayra Martinez) in one of the most despicable and disturbing retaliatory actions towards a mother who lost her daughter to murder, Toni Ingram. Not many people support Griffith which is why only she and MayraMM did a podcast with independent podcaster Mike Boudet, a good friend of the true crime administrator. On the program they also attempted to recruit a man from Portland named Michael Odegard.
They both made serious claims that Michael Odegard was being harassed by Sarah Afshar and her boyfriend Joseph Valo III (which is not true) and went on to say that this man blogged about Morgan Ingram. This is also not true. This, my friends is a lie, a bold faced one. This man is stalking both Sarah Afshar and Joe Valo. Odegard started attacking Sarah in an effort to get attention from Sarah's  mother. Joe asked him nicely to leave Sarah's mom alone. When Odegard refused, he attacked Valo for no reason. (Check out the video Joe made about it here - ) Michael Odegard is also harassing Toni Ingram on Facebook and other social media websites, which started shortly after the Sword and Scale podcast.
In a recent interview with AJ Jung, best friend of Morgan Ingram, Sarah Afshar spoke out and explained that she did not know Odegard at all, saying Michael Odegard met her mom in the MSN movie chatroom 10 years ago. We contacted MSN directly and are waiting on chat log information from a former employee of MSN who is a reader of this blog. It is confirmed that Odegard was using the alias Modegard and his claims are 100% false. MSN has since closed the chatrooms.
Based on a background info voluntarily sent to us and further investigation, we discovered Michael Odegard has a criminal record in Battle Ground, Washington (Vancouver), has been in a mental hospital and attends mental health several times a week in Portland. His doctor has been made aware of his internet activities including his libel of Toni Ingram who he has harassed on Facebook recently, asking her to remove this post. He is also harassing a man by Brian Joseph Mann. Mann could not be reached for comment.

In short, we don't want involved in this simply because Odegard is an angry person who is mentally challenged and attacking this person will not get justice for Morgan. We do question why both MayraMM and Tricia would use a mentally challenged man to seek revenge against Toni Ingram along with Sarah Afshar and everyone who publically supports Toni.
Check out the interview Keenan Vanginkel contributor AJ Jung did with Sarah Afshar and Joseph Valo III which covers everything from MayraMM and Michael Odegard to all of the harassment that has followed (interview - ) them both since they both started openly supporting Toni Ingram. No stone unturned. All 100% true.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon gets caught lying again

Recently the attention hungry liar went ballistic over this interview where her name wasn't even mentioned, falsely accusing Toni Ingram and Sarah Afshar of conspiring to spoof calls, more so attacking Afshar saying she spoofed the number to call Ryan Ingram. We recently talked to Sarah Afshar about everything and she told us:
"I don't know Ryan Ingram's phone number nor Mayra Martinez's phone number. When I interviewed Ryan, I was on a three-way call with Toni Ingram, who used her phone to conduct the call. I did not want anyone knowing my number hence why Toni offered to conduct the interview that way. He told me that Ms. Martinez was calling his girlfriend Leesa and I presented the facts in the interview without mentioning her name simply because I believe she's irrelevant, but what she is doing is relevant to the story."
When we told her MayraMM (aka Mayra Marie Martinez) of Eugene, Oregon said she was spoofing calls, she told us:
"That is outrageous. I would never do such a thing. I don't even have Ryan Ingram's phone number. She's trying everything to discredit me, Toni, and the homicide theory and trying so hard to make the masses believe her and the lies she is trying to sell, which only people like her believe."
If Mayra did not call Leesa Weist like she claims, that would mean she is calling Leesa a liar. But the thing is, Mayra knows she has been calling Leesa so she can't really do that.