Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is unregistered sex offender still affiliated with

I just had a rather heated discussion with someone who is defending Terri Stipp aka Windchime who was a former moderator at the well known true crime forum When the revelation appeared in a blog article outing Terri Stipp as an unregistered and confessed sex offender, Trica Griffith, the owner of the forum was forced to dismiss Ms Stipp as a moderator of the forum.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is an Anonymous member really defending a pedophile?

Popswashere other wise known as Thomas Norman Olsen are knowingly defending a convicted sex offender. And yes, I say knowing because I have spelled out in detail exactly who this pedophile is. Tonight, Pops, in his newly created blog posted a link of a recording made to my brother, a US  Marine veteran.

Friday, May 29, 2015 is a new crime forum created by one of the former administrators of Websleuths, Sue Pruitt. Pruitt took legal action against Tricia Griffith after Griffith stole money from her and proceeded to bully her with socks and help from her bar hag sleuthers. I guess after settling in court (which I am sure Griffith's attorney was lied to, which we believe was the case) and presented the idea that money either didn't exist or was put back into the website along with that brain injury Tricia always tells people she has, but fails to prove exists, Pruitt decided to leave Websleuths and just create her own forum. We think it's smart considering all of the horrible things Griffith has done to many people including Toni Ingram simply because Ingram denied a second interview and asked Griffith kindly to remove images of her daughter from a private forum. The point we are making is, I think may be a forum to check out. 

MayraMM is one of the biggest bullies of all time

MayraMM aka Mayra Marie Martinez from Eugene, Oregon.

And is a liar (which we have proven time and time again). It takes a very cunning and calculating individual who is downright low to harass, stalk, intimidate, libel, and slander a grieving mother who lost her daughter to murder. The lengths this woman will go to spread propaganda is just sick. She has not only attempted to ruin Toni Ingram's good name by spreading lies, but she has falsified actual records by removing vital information that proves Keenan was in Colorado the night of Morgan Ingram's murder. What she is doing is sick. It is so sick, most of us cannot begin to grasp her reason for doing such a horrible thing. Our guess is this woman has always been a bully. There is no other reason or explanation.
She was more than likely a bully at a young age and just continued because no one really spoke out against her need to feed her ego. The only thing we can feel sorry about is the fact that she has never really overcome the habit. We question why this woman would go through this trouble? Because it is obvious to us (and to most people) she doesn't want the investigation to get open. What is Mayra Marie Martinez so scared of?
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More SEO and keyword manipulation from Mike Boudet

Independent podcaster Mike Boudet has the same mindset as Tricia Griffith and Mayra Martinez, which is why all three are friends. The question is, we know Terry Stipp is involved, but is Keenan's mother Jennifer Johnson also involved in this? More keyword manipulation to Morgan Ingram's case has been discovered today.
One of these people is trying so hard to shift blame onto Hannah Hurlocker for Morgan's death. When you type in Morgan Ingram's name, the following shows up: 
Hannah Hurlocker killed Morgan Ingram
Hannah Hurlocker Murderer
Morgan Ingram Hannah Hurlocker
Morgan Ingran Hannah Hurlocker
One of Terry Stipp's active sock accounts (or fake accounts) slipped when she tried to message Toni Ingram and her supporters and make all of them believe Hannah Hurlocker was the one who stalked and killed Morgan. The sock would bring up Hurlocker's name often and even said she had proof she was the one who killed Morgan. This was in early 2014 when the sock made the allegations, shortly before the Sword and Scale podcast.
We have every reason to believe that Mike Boudet is involved in a sense where he's guiding these women to do that, but we do believe this is another derailing tactic used to silence us and to make people believe Keenan Vanginkel is an innocent man. The truth is, we don't believe Hannah Hurlocker killed Morgan because she did not kill her. It is possible she may have been involved in some of the harassment that lead up to Morgan's murder. We do believe Keenan Vanginkel killed Morgan and we are never going to stop until justice is done.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Independent podcaster and SEO expert Mike Boudet conspires with Tricia Griffith and Mayra Martinez to silence Toni Ingram, Sarah Afshar, and Joseph Valo

An example of Mike Boudet from
Sword and Scale's SEO work
in an effort to silence Mrs. Ingram.
Independent podcaster Mike Boudet from Miami, Florida who is a friend of Tricia Griffith's of Websleuths along with Mayra Martinez, a woman from Eugene, Oregon who has tried to silence Toni and her supporters since day one have recently struck a new low. It has come to our attention that Boudet along with Griffith and Martinez have manipulated the search engines using slanderous keywords about Toni Ingram and her supporters. We also have every reason to believe Terry Stipp aka Terry Sholes from Weeki Wachee, Florida is also involved because the hate blogs she created under her fake alias show up in the search.
When you search Toni Ingram, the search terms "Toni Ingram crazy" pop up followed by "Sarah Afshar is a Troll" along with "Sarah Afshar Joe Valo trolls" to "Sarah and Joe stalk Michael Odegard" to finally "Sword and Scale" when you type in all three of their names. A small podcast like Sword and Scale mysteriously pops up, as if Boudet wants you to believe that every time someone searches Toni Ingram, his overly edited true crime podcast shows in the search and people automatically go to his podcast when someone types in "Toni Ingram" or "Sarah Afshar" or "Joseph Valo". Boudet works full time as an SEO expert, so we have ever reason to believe he's behind the SEO and keyword manipulation.

More keyword manipulation
by Mike Boudet of
Sword and Scale.
The question is, why would Mike Boudet use the search engines to slander Toni Ingram and her supporters? It was just last year that he was interested in hearing Toni Ingram and her supporters side of the story. When they declined to do his podcast, he published his podcast shortly after he told his listeners to check out Tricia Griffith's podcast.  Yes folks, he told people to check out Tricia's radio show. If that is not a dead giveaway they are friends, I don't know what else is. The sad part is, we are not Toni Ingram, we are not Sarah Afshar, and we are not Joseph Valo. We are people who hung out with Morgan Ingram and knew her personally. We are people who know the truth and the truth is Morgan was murdered.
I think it's safe to say Mike Boudet is just an opportunist trying to sensationalize on the death of Morgan Ingram and nothing more than a bully who is part of the coterie bully brigade who only consists of Mayra, Tricia, Terry, and their sock accounts. The occasional fool will also involve themselves simply because they believe it will help them, but in the end, these so called heroes are really just zeros. Manipulating the search engines will not change the truth.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The ballad of Nancy Nusbaum

Nancy Nusbaum is one of the biggest scammers to ever exist on the internet. Very short, stout, and rumbled, Nusbaum has impersonated everyone from famous people (Henry Rollins is just an example) to law enforcement including attorneys. Rumor has it, she is conspiring with Tricia Griffith of Websleuths and joined the father of trolls, Mayra Martinez (aka MayraMM) to libel and slander Toni Ingram and her supporters. This is no surprise to us as both of them are very similar quality human beings. Here is a good article about this scammer ( which talks about the crimes Nusbaum has committed. Everything from identity theft, money theft, and even impersonation.

A source who has met this woman says they are 100% convinced she is part of the ongoing smear campaign involving MayraMM and that she is impersonating several of the biggest trolls involved in the attacks against Toni Ingram and her supporters Jodin Davunt, Sarah Afshar, and Joseph Valo III. She is also said to have stalked and libeled William Murtaugh, a retired truck driver turned crime blogger from Florida. You can read his blog by visiting There is also proof and evidence that she's still harassing him.

Is she really unregistered sex offender Terry Stipp's sister Pixi_Dust or just pretending to be a relative for her 15 minutes of fame? Who is this con artist? Who is Alex Stanton?

Here is more about Nancy Nusbaum who now goes by the name Alex Stanton and the alias NutritAsher.

Friday, May 22, 2015

No one has threatened Mike Boudet of Sword & Scale

Recently, an independent podcaster named Mike Boudet took to his Sword & Scale account on Twitter to say that Toni Ingram and her supporters were threatening him after his truthful podcast about Mrs. Ingram and her supporters. This is definitely not true. This is, without a doubt, a lie. As you can tell by our blog here, we are all about freedom of speech.

His podcast is filled with fabrication and propaganda (we are sure, based on the guests who appeared on the podcast) so to be honest, most of us have never listened to it which is why we haven't responded to him or the allegations. You ask why. It's simply this, we don't care. They are just words. They are lies. Why respond to lies? We've addressed the facts right here on this blog.

We want justice for Morgan Ingram and at this point, that is all that matters. We do feel bad for Mike Boudet if he's still not over the fact that most of us denied him an interview. If anyone would create threats or threats under many sock accounts, it is Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM of Eugene, Oregon) as she is very known for playing the criminal enabling victim. We are focusing on what matters most, getting justice for the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram from Carbondale, CO. Any threats come from MayraMM aka Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon and her team of socks, definitely not us.


Team Morgan

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Joseph Valo III believes Morgan Ingram was murdered

Joseph Valo III is a huge supporter of the Ingram family and since day one, he and his girlfriend Sarah Afshar have believe Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered. I think most people not only believe Morgan was murdered by her stalker, but know it really did happen. There are too many unanswered questions that have been overlooked by law enforcement in Garfield County. Will there ever be justice? We can only hope.
In the meantime, check out Joe's podcast here

Monday, May 4, 2015

Morgan Ingram supporter interviews Toni Ingram for the second time

Sarah Afshar has made her opinion known that she believes Morgan Ingram was not only stalked, but murdered by the man stalking her. She interviewed Toni Ingram, the mother of Morgan again for a second interview. It is really good and just more proof that Morgan did not take her own life and was murdered. Check out the interview here