Monday, April 25, 2016

Dennis Crowley is a hero

Dennis Crowley does so much for murder victims and their families. He also dedicates his entire life to help missing people and missing children. As a man of faith and love for everyone, Dennis is currently seeking donations as he plans a 4,000 mile road trip where he will attend the 5th annual missing children's day in Tumwater, Washington. This event is May 15, 2016 (Sunday) and most of us will be in attendance to support the cause. Your donation will go towards Dennis's travel expenses to the trip. Please take the time to donate to and let's Keep Hope Alive!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Morgan Ingram and Rainer Jundt

Check out Rainer Jundt's interview with Toni Ingram supporter Joseph Valo here:

Paula Burton spreads lies about Morgan Ingram, Toni Ingram and those supporting her

"Paula Burton" is spreading lies about Morgan, Toni and everyone who supports them. She is also taking it a step further and slandering Morgan, Toni and everyone who supports them. As a friend of Tricia Griffith's, this is no surprise to us because these women really enjoy blaming the victim while praising the predator, the murderer. One of her many lies is where Burton claims that Keenan was not in Colorado when most of the stalking occurred. This is 100% false. There is so much proof that Keenan was in Colorado when the stalking took place. This same woman tried to retract the idea that Keenan was not even working only to cover up her many lies with hypothetical scenarios later on to cover up the fact she contributed to the many lies about the entire case.
It was only a few years ago we proved Keenan was working the night of Morgan Ingram's murder and sheriff Lou Vallario tried to spin and twist the story to make it look like Keenan Vanginkel was not in Colorado when the murder took place. Thanks to a reader of this blog, we were able to discover that Keenan Vanginkel was in Colorado for every single stalking incident including the very same night he took Morgan Ingram's life which you can see in the image above. Playing residential psychologist will not stop the truth from getting exposed nor will spreading lies about innocent people who provide the public with only facts.
The Ingrams' were manipulated by law enforcement. Anyone with a brain can see this. Look at the reality of the case. Do you honestly think sheriff Lou Vallario would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the case investigated? This is just one case. Glenwood Springs would become bankrupt. Even if Vallario would have used the money from drug busts, there is no way he could afford to do his job and get justice for Morgan Ingram because all he does is care about preventing the truth from being exposed. With him closing the case and keeping everything closed, he can live with the lie and live without worry. Vallario didn't check anything which proves that he didn't care about Morgan Ingram or her life.
The lies from "Team Keenan" just continue to grow. Paula Burton is one of the few women out there that just cannot handle the truth and will do anything to spin the facts to make it look like Keenan Vanginkel is an innocent man. Paula Burton could be Tricia Griffith. Paula Burton could even be Jenn Johnson. She really bares no importance because she is uneducated about this case. As those people like Burton continue to manipulate and spread whatever lie they can about Morgan Ingram, Toni Ingram and those supporting them, it's simple - we stick to the facts and only share them here.