Friday, June 20, 2014

Sarah Afshar believes Morgan Ingram was murdered

Sarah Afshar has been a huge supporter of Morgan Ingram since the beginning and recently, she created a short podcast demonstrating why she believes Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered. In the podcast, she talks about the toxicology reports which is a dead giveaway that she did not take her own life. Listen to Sarah's podcast here

Monday, June 9, 2014

Interview with Joseph Valo and Sarah Afshar

Joseph Valo III.
As a criminal profiler and a friend of Morgan Ingram's I sat down with 2 of many Morgan Ingram supporters who Team Keenan has dubbed as the most diabolical internet trolls of all time, Joseph Valo III and Sarah Afshar. I caught up with both Valo and Afshar to discuss this sub culture that has amplified and mirrored society for more than a decade.

Andrew Jung - Hi Sarah and Joe. Thank you for talking to me today. How did you first decide you were going to get involved with supporting Toni Ingram, the mother of Morgan?

Joseph Valo III - You're welcome. Thank you for talking to Sarah and I. As a psychic medium, I was shown a lot when I channeled everything. And after being shown what happened and informed about what all had happened to Morgan Ingram, I just knew it was a murder. Also, the harassment was another giveaway and the libel of not only my girlfriend Sarah, but myself too. And I thought, here is a mother and father (an entire family) that cannot properly grieve because of everything that had happened to their daughter and what was going on. So that’s when I decided to support the Ingrams in getting justice for their daughter’s murder.

Sarah Afshar - You are very welcome. When I first heard Toni's story, I just knew that Morgan was murdered and her death was in fact, a homicide. The case is closed, as it has been for several years now. When I saw Mrs. Ingram appear on the Dr. Phil show and heard her story, I could literally tell that it was distorted with editing. I truly believe Mrs. Ingram didn't get to tell her entire story. I have always been a "do'er" by nature and believe solely that as a writer, Mrs. Ingram deserved to share her story with the world. That is when I took it upon myself to allow Toni Ingram's voice be heard.

AJ - When people say that you are both a team of internet trolls, how does that make you feel?

Joseph Valo III - It makes me mad because we are not like that. We are supporting a mother and father who cannot properly grieve because there is no justice for their daughter's murder. They have no closure for what happened to their daughter.

Sarah Afshar - I think the opposite of my boyfriend. Why? Because I know it is not true. These individuals spreading such propaganda are those individuals who believe Morgan took her own life. They are predictable. When you separate fact from fiction and look at everything surrounding her death fully, rather than one dimensionally you can clearly see that this was in fact a homicide. I think these people are simply deflecting the truth as a result of their own megalomania. So, as sad as it is to say, for them to spread lies about me or anyone who publically supports Toni Ingram is expected.

AJ - Who is Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) and how is she connected to the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram?

Joseph Valo III - From what I can remember, Mayra first started on twitter and then tried to get us hacked and everything. She was trying to intimidate us because in her mind, she sees us as weak people who will give up and just stop supporting the Ingrams, if we are "hated" or pushed away. It's a ploy to discredit us because she doesn't want anyone supporting Toni. And she knew the administrator of Websleuths Tricia Griffith before that ever happened with Morgan Ingram.

Sarah Afshar.

Sarah Afshar - Ms. Martinez came to my blog back in 2012. At the time, I was writing with Yahoo! where I was a part-time, freelance content producer. I made a blog post about Mrs. Ingram on my blog. She came to my blog immediately and started sharing links to her blog. The "truth" blog she spams all over the place. At first, I assumed she was a supporter of Mrs. Ingram who wanted to get the case open. I assumed she was just a supporter who wanted justice for the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram. Needless to say, I was wrong. Very wrong. In fact, I looked at Martinez's blog back in 2012. If I remember correctly, a lot of stuff looked incorrect with how the content was displayed. Stuff looked changed, edited, etc. I noticed some major discrepancies in the actual reports themselves. The suspect's name was masked out completely. It just didn't look right to me. It was then that I discovered Martinez was part of a group, almost like a true crime cabal that were pushing the suicide theory. I would say a handful of ladies at the most. At the time, I refrained from publishing anymore of her posts because I did not want her spreading lies about Morgan. It was then that I deleted what she had originally published. This made her angry. As a result, she started to threaten me, which is what I thought was odd. Then, about two days after the threats and other attempts to intimidate failed, I noticed a few hate blogs about me where she published under a different alias. These hate blogs were manifested with so much libel and hate, I just never chose to read the garbage. Something about me being a Muslim troll terrorist, an ISIS troll leader or a Persian hooker. I think they even said I should kill myself too. It was so weird. Very weird. When I spoke with a woman who works for the CBI about everything, she told me that no one would go to such length to make a hate blog about me unless they were obsessed with me or related to the suspect. Ever since, this woman has not only lied about Mrs. Ingram, but she has lied about me and my boyfriend Joe too.

AJ - There is talk that the administrator of Websleuths is involved. The infamous Tricia Griffith. Do you think she is?

Joseph Valo III - Yes.

Sarah Afshar - If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have said no. It is impossible. However; knowing what I know now, absolutely. I definitely believe she is a part of it.

AJ - Why do you say that?

Joseph Valo III - Tricia Griffith was one of the first people to interview Toni. Then, Toni had a change of heart and refused a second interview. In the process, she asked Griffith to remove pictures from her site, Websleuths. That is when Sarah interviewed Toni. I believe that made Tricia mad and angry because Tricia was trying to have Toni send over everything and Toni said no. Also, I just want to mention that one of Tricia's moderators for Websleuths was Terry Stipp and it discovered that Stipp is a sex offender (unregistered because the crime was committed before Megan's Law). I personally believe that Stipp is involved in attacking anyone who supports the Ingrams simply because when I channeled using my psychic abilities, I was able to see her involvement. I believe Tricia is obsessed with discrediting Toni Ingram more than most people, but is using multiple people to libel those she is trying to silence us for supporting Toni. I think that is where Stipp comes in as well as MayraMM and Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale.

Sarah Afshar - A few people messaged me voluntarily and mentioned that she is a woman who is obsessed with control and power. I had a psychic reading recently (and the psychic was not my boyfriend) where the psychic medium told me there was a woman out there who hated me more than most people. She proceeded to tell me that this woman is behind the hate blogs and also the horrible, libelous and untrue lies about me. She went on to describe this woman before giving me her name. It happened to be Tricia Griffith. I was shocked because I was not expecting the psychic to reveal it was her at all. Why does Mrs. Griffith hate me? I have no clue. I have no idea who she is. What I do believe is that she cannot accept the homicide theory, so she attempts to silence those who actually believe this particular theory. And the only way she does this is by slandering them and painting them as someone they are not. It's very sad because there are plenty of ways to express your opinion without spreading lies and creating hate blogs.

AJ - I have to ask about the man from Portland who has made serious allegations against the both of you. Who is Michael Odegard, the man from Portland that is going around saying you are both stalking and trolling him? How did this guy ever come into the picture?

Joseph Valo III - When Sarah and I started talking again, she told me that she was getting harassed by this guy. At the time, no one knew his connection as to why he was harassing her. I very politely told him to cut his losses and move on. That is all I said and I was real nice about it too. In fact, AJ, there is evidence of that in my podcast which is up on YouTube. He was saying the meanest and sickest things about Sarah. It made me so mad because we have known each other for 18 years. That is almost 2 decades. Shortly after, that is when he started on me. Calling my phone non-stop all day and night. Then, he also would leave voice mails of heavy breathing. The prank calls happened often. And then that's when I went and took everything including screen shots and my phone records to the police where I filed the initial report. Shortly after, I would go and file several more so that there is a paper trail. And then when Mayra and Tricia found out about this they have been pushing him to harass and stalk us even more. I will say this. I have never met Michael Coleman Odegard and I do not want to. I don't know Brian Mann, I have never been to Portland and I have yet to visit the state of Oregon. And that the posts on my blog are not to harass or anything like that but to promote awareness for cyberstalking and harassment as well.

Sarah Afshar - Michael Odegard is a character. I have never met this man in my life. I have never spoke to this man, as well. He and my mother allegedly talked in a chatroom years ago, which I discovered recently. My mom really enjoys the arts and is a huge fan of science fiction films such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, etc. and I do believe the connection could be through science fiction cinema and social media. One thing is certain, I never talked to him. I have absolutely no idea who he is. He's harassing both me and my boyfriend Joe, who also has no clue who he is. It's very strange, indeed.

AJ - So, you're both calling Michael Odegard a liar?
Michael Odegard's hate blog he created
about Joseph Valo III and Sarah Afshar, as well
as, a man named Brian Mann.

Together - Yes. Absolutely.

AJ - Do you know Brian Joseph Mann?

Together - No. *laughs*

Joseph Valo III - I'm still trying to understand how he made that association. We have never heard of Brian Mann ever until Odegard started to accuse us of conspiring with him. Just more lies he has created by his mind. If he put this much imagination into writing, he could be a NY Times best-seller already.

AJ - I think a NY Times best-seller is a stretch.

Joseph Valo III - I think if he stopped worrying about me and slandering me, he could write about something of merit. I wish for everyone to be successful. I think only small minds talk about people. I've been in the United States Armed Forces and served our country, as I have been a volunteer firefighter for over a decade. I believe everyone has a little bit of good energy in them.

AJ - Michael Odegard has said some horrible, outlandish lies about you, Joe. I also believe he's made some very sinister blog posts. I think he's even accused you both of making porn movies together. If Michael Odegard would apologize for what he has done to you or the both of you, would you forgive him?

Joseph Valo III - I don't believe he ever will. As optimistic as I am, I have to be honest, I tried to be civil with him in late 2012, asking him to cut his losses and just move on. That is all I said. He refused. I think deep down he is obsessed with blaming other people for his lack of success and wants people to believe because he has failed, that he has people who are stalking him or find him interesting enough to stalk him. It's as if he is feeding off the drama to feed his ego and the ego he generated from spreading lies about us is giving him attention. It's real sad if you look at it. I can't find anything interesting about the guy. Nothing at all. He has a lot of problems and it's clear to me he cannot be reasoned with at all. What I don't seem to understand is that Michael Odegard is a grown man and he's too old to be constantly playing the victim, spreading lies, let alone playing these games. He's got to be at least 40 or in his 40s. He is making up lies about me and my girlfriend. I just hope he can recognize he is wasting his life spreading lies about me because I don't even think about him or acknowledge his existence. I really don't.

AJ - Do you think there needs to be some type of anti-trolling sort of law?

Joseph Valo III - Yes, as well as something for cyber stalking and cyber harassment, as well. Cyber Crime in general. The internet is the world wide web. The internet should be treated the same way offline, I think. It's so huge now.

Sarah Afshar - I believe there are quite a few laws that exist already. It is just a matter of getting legislation to look at the ideas within the laws and enforce them properly. The reality is though, this happens all over the world and is a very common problem. The internet attracts all kinds of people, so to politicize the social media aspect is like taking away the first amendment right. The question is, do we really want to have our rights taken away from us?

AJ - I don't think the media will ever stop sensationalizing on another's tragedy but there are really no media outlets currently cover the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram. The Ingrams did appear on the Dr. Phil show back in Fall 2012 but, that was also almost 3 years ago. Will the media get involved?

Joseph Valo III - The media will get involved when the time is right.

Sarah Afshar - Absolutely. I believe my interviews have helped, along with other media attention to the case, including what Mrs. Ingram has done herself. She is an activist and an advocate for the cause. She spends a lot of time helping other people, as she is attempting to get her daughter's case open. Toni has been on multiple webcasts including Susan Pinsky's Calling Out along with Travanti Jaramillo's podcast. All of the evidence is there. Those who want to believe that 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in the blood is suicide, with no needles at the scene mind you, will look like a fool in the end because that is a homicide and it was staged by her stalker to look like a suicide. Also, I just want to add that Morgan Ingram embraced the arts in more ways than one. If she were to really take her life, she would have wrote a suicide letter. She didn't because she did not commit suicide. She was murdered.

AJ - Do you feel that you are being trolled simply for supporting Morgan Ingram's mother, Toni?

Joseph Valo III - Yes. We are labeled trolls by the people who are trolling us, as well. They need to try and discredit us to up their stance and make us look like we are lying, which we are not. They also want people to believe that this young woman would commit suicide and that the stalker/suspect is an innocent man, which he is not. They also want to make her mother Toni look crazy along with all of us because they want to push their belief onto the majority of the public. We have done our research. As a psychic medium, I have channeled and I saw everything. Morgan Ingram was murdered.

Sarah Afshar - Absolutely. Without a doubt.

AJ - How so?

Joseph Valo III - Because, they are trying everything that they can to discredit and intimdate my girlfriend from supporting the Ingrams, as well as, myself. They want to keep the case closed. They want to believe it was a suicide, not a murder. They have an agenda and are trying to make it look like we are not genuinely supporting Toni and Steve, as they are trying to make it look like Toni is a crazy woman who didn't know her daughter.

Sarah Afshar - Looking back at when I first made my opinion public. It was when I was with Yahoo!. I exposed a lot of inconsistencies which have made quite a few people mad and angry. Not only law enforcement in Garfield County (and their supporters), but the pathologist Dr. Kurtzman (and his friends, etc.) the family and friends of the suspect along with the disgruntled people who are angry at Mrs. Ingram for ignoring them. Immediately after I made a blog post about interviewing Toni, I was already getting harassed. Keep in mind, my interview with Mrs. Ingram wasn't even published yet when the harassment started.

Just an example of the terrible harassment Sarah Afshar has had to endure since
publically supporting Toni Ingram and the murder theory.
AJ - Some people argue that you are getting paid (which you mentioned). Why are people saying this about you?

Joseph Valo III - They are saying it to discredit us, and to make it look like we are not genuine (as I stated previously). They are trying to imply that we are trash with no conscious. Tricia Griffith is the brains behind everything.

Sarah Afshar - This is one of the funniest rumors I have ever heard. Just one of many lies these women have spread in an effort to discredit me, as well as, Toni and the homicide theory. I remember shortly after I made the blog post about interviewing Toni, I was accused of being Toni herself. Evidently, I am a real person so of course they decided to create another theory that I was getting paid simply because I support Mrs. Ingram and her theory, which is homicide. And these lies link back to Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) who is desperate and wants people to believe an optimistic, free-spirited woman with no criminal history, like Morgan would ever take her own life. Morgan did not take her own life. I support the homicide theory because this is the truth and this is what happened. I believe Morgan Ingram was murdered, plain and simple.

AJ - It was great talking to you both and finally shedding some light on this entire Toni Ingram saga. Do you think the truth about what happened to Morgan Ingram will be revealed?

Joseph Valo III - It was great talking to you as well, and our side needs to come out now. Yes it will be revealed, but we have to be patient stay strong and never give up.

Sarah Afshar -Thank you. It was great talking to you too. Absolutely.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tricia Griffith, administrator of Websleuths and the woman behind the many hate blogs

about Toni Ingram and her supporters.
Along with Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) of Oregon and Terri Stipp (Windchime) of Florida. Although Jennifer Johnson is involved, she's keeping a low profile to protect her innocent son, Mr. Keenan Vanginkel of Colorado.
Tricia has impersonated and slandered several people including Cindy Bergin, Lisa Banks, Jonathan Bluaner, Terry Leary, Bethany Stevens, William Murtaugh, Ginger McKee, Linda Patel, Toby Robert (who has since died, RIP Toby), Ben Ashurov, Raj Abhyanker, Florence Davis, Amraan, and many others.
One of her victims even said that Griffith and her friends went to so far that they even made fake accounts all over the internet and signed her up to internet dating sites:
"It was horrible. I was getting a bunch of alerts to my email and didn't think much of it. Then I was receiving calls. I contacted my attorney and his team discovered that there have been many fake profiles created about me using my image and information. I knew right away that she was involved. She claims she has stopped but I don't believe her. I think there are probably some still out there. All of this happened because I questioned why she would allow a sex offender as a moderator."
Griffith uses her illness and brain injury to get away with harassment. We wonder if she, along with Mayra Martinez and Terri Stipp (Sholes) are impersonating Toni Ingram, Steve Ingram, or any of their supporters.
Make all reports about Tricia, Mayra, and Terri here.