Friday, November 30, 2012

The face of Keenan Vanginkel


Was Brooke Harris manipulated by Keenan Vanginkel?

Is she being manipulated by him right now? We can't seem to understand how a beautiful woman like Brooke would allow herself to be manipulated by Keenan Vanginkel and we don't understand how she could stand to do things for him. A source close to them both said that Brooke would do anything for Keenan because she feared that Keenan would leave her. "Brooke is so obsessed with Keenan. She knew that Keenan loved Morgan. She knew that Keenan was stalking Morgan. Even after Morgan died, Keenan started to become obsessed with another girl. I asked her several times why she stayed with him and she said it was because she loved him."

Is Keenan making others believe Brooke was obsessed with him in an effort to shift blame onto Brooke for Morgan's murder?

Some people are like slinkys...

The night that Morgan Ingram was murdered, why would you post something this on your Facebook? Especially if you are the best friend of a woman who is dating the actual alleged stalker? Odd how it was deleted shortly after there was an investigation.
Things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Learn to spell Hannah!

I don't "stalk". I "investigate". =]

It's a well known fact that Keenan Vanginkel was obsessed with Morgan Ingram and those that knew him, knew it. At the time that he started stalking Morgan, he was dating a woman named Brooke Harris who lived close by.
I think any woman that was dating a man who was obviously wanting someone else would go insane and that is exactly what Brooke did. She was clearly a push over, as Keenan obviously used her to get to who he really wanted - Morgan Ingram.
A source close to Brooke contacted us and told us that Brooke hated Morgan and has actually made threats at parties saying that she wished something bad happened to her. "Yeah, Brooke was dating Keenan and she knew that Keenan was interested in Morgan. She hated Morgan because of it." We questioned how a woman could ever stay with a man that had an obsession with someone else. "He denies it but, Brooke knows the truth."
As more and more evidence surfaces, you can expect that will we will post it.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The day before Morgan Ingram was murdered


The day before Morgan Ingram was murdered, the best friend of Keenan Vanginkel's ex girlfriend Hannah posted this Facebook message. I'm not one for reading into things but, anyone who saw this message would be a little suspicious.