Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to Steve Ingram

The Ingrams are wonderful people, which is why Morgan loved them very much and loved spending time with them. She traveled constantly with her parents because that was one of her favorite things to do. She loved her mother Toni, as she loved her father Steve very much. Today is Father's Day and although Morgan Ingram is not here to celebrate this special day with her dad, this picture serves as a memory that they both shared together.
Happy Father's Day Steve!

Friday, June 19, 2015

10 Black Vultures - What does it mean?

Back in March Steve & I were talking out on our back patio.  Actually Steve was doing all the talking, and I was distracted by a little bird.  The day before I had asked Morgan for a sign and now I was watching this little bird hop down from the fence onto the hillside, and all the time it seemed to be watching me.  I smiled at it while Steve continued to talk.  The little bird hopped closer and closer, I thought this was a sign that Morgan was sending to me, but I wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Harassment towards American hero Jodin Davunt

Just some of the many libel towards victim's rights advocate, father, and
hard worker, Jodin Davunt. Why such hatred towards Jodin Davunt?

Didn't Marcie say the same thing? You know, Marcie Wogan? Since Wogan is allegedly being
impersonated by Tricia Griffith, Terry Stipp, and MayraMM, wouldn't it make it
these three behind this libel? Btw, none of this is true. At all.
More libel from the baby booming pig party. None of this is true.
They are trying everything to make Jodin look bad. They make themselves
look like trash talking this kind of garbage about a father.
 Jodin Davunt is a target of Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM), and perverted pedophilia Terry Stipp (formerly Windchime of Websleuths) smear campaign which they started in an effort to make Toni Ingram appear crazy. Operation brokeback has also attempted to discredit anyone who supports Toni Ingram. We often wonder how much sheriff Lou Vallario of Glenwood Springs, Colorado is sending them to complete these special tasks or if they are that crazy. These sleuthers have been targeting Jodin since day one and Jodin has refused to back down. Jodin Davunt is not a convicted felon. Jodin Davunt is not a child molester. Jodin Davunt is not any of these things that these women have said. In the end, these women are on a mission but this mission won't last long. Most people are onto their scam. The question is, are you?
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo III channels Morgan Ingram

Joseph Valo III is a victim's rights advocate who has been a long-time Morgan Ingram supporter. He has always supported both Toni and Steve Ingram. He is also the boyfriend of another supporter, Sarah Afshar who is a strong woman and has always been part of Team Toni since the beginning. Recently, Joe did a podcast about Morgan Ingram where he channeled the events that lead to her death. Check out the psychic channel here

Joseph Valo JosephValo Joseph Valo III Joe Valo JoeValo Joe Valo III Psychic Morgan Ingram Morgan Jennifer Ingram Morgan Ingram Channel Psychic Powers Medium Psychic Medium Psychic Online Best Psychic Online John Edward Sylvia Browne What happened to John Edward psychic Joseph Valo III psychic medium Clairvoyant are mediums real or fake SEO Morgan Ingram Stalking Morgan Ingram Murder Homicide True Crime Toni Ingram Sarah Afshar Theresa Caputo Evidence Proof Keenan Vanginkel Discovery ID Jayden Morgan Ingram Truth Crime True Crime Podcast Soundcloud Free Podcast Lou Vallario Robert Glassmire Robert Kurtzman Rape Clairvoyant Energy Morgan Ingram Proof Murder Evidence Homicide Morgan Ingram Case  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Terri Stipp connects with Alex Stanton aka Nancy Nusbaum

According to an unidentified person, Alex Stanton aka Nancy Nusbaum had a conversation with Terri Stipp. Actually multiple times. The conversations were said to have been recorded and placed on several Marcie Wogan websites. These websites we are not aware of but according to sources have been made public to where people can actually hear the conversations. In the conversations, Stipp attempted to pose as Wogan. Stipp's little scam backfired because the conversations were recorded (without her knowledge). The voice does not match Wogan but does match Stipp in disguise. Why is Stipp impersonating former criminal prosecutor Marcie Wogan? If she is still on Websleuths payroll, that would mean that Tricia Griffith is paying her to troll other people using this woman's identity. As administrator of Websleuths, Griffith has access to millions of members personal information. Since Stipp was outed as an unregistered sex offender about 6-7 years ago and was moderator of the true crime site, there has been talk she is still on the Websleuths payroll and is a member of Websleuths under a different identity. Using Stipp to harass, troll, stalk, and intimidate Toni Ingram makes sense because this type of cunning nature is in Tricia's DNA. Just ask her ex husband who surely had a lot of interesting things to say about his ex wife. I think it's safe to say that this story just keeps getting weirder by the minute. Which is why we are not going to stop sharing it with you because this blog contains information that is 100% true.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Terri Stipp tries to disguise her voice in this video

Listen to the person that calls themselves "Casey" in this video click (which you can hear, here). They insist they are Casey Sweren and others in the clip are accusing "Casey" of being Marcie Wogan. But one person who met Terri several times in person says the disguise is not enough. Check it out.

There is definitely a connection to the Marcie Wogan alias and it links back to Terry Stipp aka Cavitalo formerly Windchime of Websleuths. Listen to the clip. That is Terry Stipp.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Marcie Wogan and the Websleuths connection

Here you see Marcie Wogan going by the alias "Candy" with the location in East Lansing, Michigan. Of course, she is responding to herself, which is evident by the screenshot above. A lot of stuff about Jonbenet Ramsey, which is a case Tricia Griffith the administrator of Websleuths is obsessed with.

On the 17th of February (this is in 2013) she originally responds. Marcie fails to realize she made another thread under a different name and location, spamming her libelous blog. More propaganda is spread by this woman using whatever credentials she has. Here, she just spams the link.

Fast forward. From Towson, Maryland to East Lansing, Michigan in a 24 hour period? "As Always M" responds on February 19, 2013. How can one person be in two places at one time? I don't think so. Just after one day, she is back responding as "Candy". She forgot.
Now take a look at this:
"Shelby" is alleged to be Tricia Griffith, Mayra Martinez, and Terry Stipp (a shared account) but we think it's one of the three women above. They live in Troy, Michigan (only one hour away from East Lansing, Michigan). Look at their tweets and notice how they are tweeting about a Baltimore sports team. Odd right?
Is the same women behind "Shelby" impersonating Marcie Wogan or is Marcie someone completely different? Perhaps Terry AnneMarie Sholes (aka Terry Stipp aka Terry Cavitalo who went by Windchime on Websleuths). This is just more evidence and proof of the scam. This is the same woman that creates hate blogs about everyone (can we say loser?) and has even attacked a 6 year old girl and a 7 year old boy simply because she doesn't like their parents.
Let's take a look at the infamous Marcie Wogan (who is obviously being impersonated and therefore; is a sock account made up by Terry Stipp and Tricia Griffith.
Why promote that forum instead of your own blog? Is it because that blog is really just a joke, a gimmick? Was the blog meant to mock the real Marcie Wogan? Why "spam" Websleuths?
Sure thing, Tricia. Btw, it is Christina Stoy, not Shannon. Typical derailing scam by changing one of the names. Commonly used by sock accounts, so people won't suspect it is them trolling.
I think it's safe to say that this woman behind these accounts along with the entire libelous smear campaign against Toni Ingram and her supporters is very very mentally sick to the level she is borderline insane. Hopefully there is a cure for this type of thing, we can only hope.
Who is Susan Parsons and what is her connection to this? What about Kim Picazio? Tricia Arrington Griffith as in Patricia Arrington being Tricia's maiden name. If Tricia Griffith is originally from Montgomery County, Maryland, that would explain that she is Marcie Wogan. This would also prove that Terry Stipp (Windchime) and Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) both have access to the account, as well.
Tricia Arrington from Maryland?
We have a hard time believing that Marcie would portray herself in this way, which is why folks the Marcie Wogan posting on these alters you see that is portraying themselves to be a psycho is really not Marcie, but Tricia Griffith, Terry Stipp, and Mayra Martinez.