Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tricia Griffith has meltdown on podcast

Websleuths owner Tricia Griffith continues to prove that she is a true rider and poster child for spreading lies and recently, the true crime administrator took her lies to new heights and depths slandering Toni Ingram and Sarah Afshar in an independent podcast called Sword & Scale with her friend Mike Boudet. The woman starts the podcast by proclaiming she has a brain injury before saying she can't remember anything regarding Morgan Ingram, blaming her alleged issues on a brain injury. Tell me, if you have a brain injury, why are you doing podcasts on subjects that you do not know about?
Then, she starts emptying her lies and starts playing the victim. According to the Andrew Newton Hypnosis, psychopaths are superbly adept at playing the role of victim while blaming the victim. In the case of Morgan Ingram, she and her group of friends (including Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon who was also on the podcast and podcaster Mike Boudet who hosts Sword and Scale) decided to make it look like Morgan Ingram committed suicide and Toni Ingram along with Sarah Afshar are crazy. Even going so far to play residential psychologist saying Toni has Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.
Overlooking the fact Keenan Vanginkel has multiple criminal records and violations and has been in trouble multiple times for criminal trespassing and stalking not to mention, has bragged at parties in Glenwood Springs while intoxicated that he killed Morgan, there is more evidence than what people realize. Unlike her stalker, Morgan Ingram had no criminal history and no history consuming drugs. Morgan Ingram was murdered by Keenan Vanginkel, the man who stalked her.
What is even more disturbing is a woman who interviewed Toni Ingram one time is acting like she is the expert on all things Morgan Ingram. If you have a brain injury and cannot remember, why are you doing podcasts? Especially on someone and a subject you don't know anything about? Psychological manipulation is defined as a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics and Tricia Griffith of Websleuths is engaging in this type of behavior. She's done it for years including to Toby Robert of Justice Quest and Sue Pruitt of Crimewatchers. Her list of victims has grown immensely since Terry Stipp aka Windchime (former Websleuths moderator) from Lake, Florida was exposed as unregistered sex offender.
Any normal person who looks at the facts and then, listens to Sword and Scale episode 11 or Sword and Scale episode 12 can hear the lies not to mention the agenda this woman and her friends have.