Friday, December 20, 2013

Tricia Griffith sends disturbing letter to Lisa Banks

The following letter was published on the following blog at 11:24 pm on September 16, 2009 by woman named Lisa Banks. When Banks questioned about Terry Stipp aka Terry Sholes aka Terry Cavitalo (Windchime) Tricia replied to her with this message.

Tricia Griffith owner of Websleuths is a complete scumbag. Here is the letter she wrote me when she banned me for asking a question about her sexually perverted criminal mod she supported: ALL SPELLING ERRORS ARE HERS.

Dear Lisa,

Everyone at Websleuths knows you are posting on JQ. I can only reley on what others tell me about the people who want to post on forums other than Websleuths anbd I do have people who watch and report back to me. I have some hard and fast rules and TOS about this. You are not going to use my forum for free and then take my information to your little asshole friends.

Now about your compliant about Windchime. I suggest you ask a poster named Amraan who is now an administrator at this forum you use as you now already. You and your little friends are in for a good wake up call when I am done.

Amraan kept telling me to let this person be a moderator. I finally relented based on her positive recommendation and let this person become a moderator at Websleuths. Had it not been for Amraan I would not have let Windchime volunteer. Amraan needs to tell you why she so highly recommended this person to me. I had no reason at the time to doubt her word. Later I fond out about Winchime record but it was old news anyway so I was not too concerned.

Within an hour of finding out about this person's arrest record she was removed banned and I told everyone on Websleuths about this situation.

You tell me you sniveling sob sister . . . What else could I have done to make you little punks happy? I'm all ears. I own WS and I makde the rules. You don't pay my bills. I am in debt to keep WS going.
I can assure you this can happen to anyone who has to rely on the help of others to run a forum.

Your attempt to smear me is what is sickening and I am going to get my lawyer on you. Then we'll find out all about your past and see how you like that. I know who you are. I know your real name and I will be watching your activities. You are clue-less as to what we do at Websleuths.

The only reason this shit is "all over the net" is because of people like you who can't get over the fact that you were banned for violating our TOS.

Websleuths helps so many people, families and others who are victims of crime or have missing loved ones. The positive at Websleuths so much outweighs any negative but you are too mean, stupid and likely into sex with your brothers to see this.

I am struggling every day to try and keep the forum open to help those who need it. I won't be dragged down by dirty filthy pussy's like you. I bet you smell. I bet your kids have fleas.

Tell your buddy Shannon and Princess I said hello.

I am thousands of dollars in debt trying to keep Websleuths running. I am very hily respected and you might know I have been interviewed extensivly. What have you done? Besides spent a lot of time on your kneess.

With over 15 thousand members and over 1 million posts we are stronger than ever. Despite efforts of uniformed and rude, filthy people like you.

Do not ever contact me again. I an going to sue you. I will file a complaint of harassment with your ISP and get you kicked off the itnernet for ever. You are banned. Don't you dare come back to my forum or you will find yourself with LE at your door as I have many connections there who will act on my say.

Tricia Griffith
6300 N Sage Wood Drive
Suite H # 214
Park City UT 84098

Monday, December 2, 2013

Is Pat Brown really involved?

About 3 people have contacted us and said that criminal profiler Pat Brown is behind several hate blogs and lies about Toni Ingram and her supporters. According to one of the sources, she is a member of Websleuths where she originally heard about the case. Shortly before attacking Mrs. Ingram and saying she is "unhinged" she went on to make some serious allegations. These allegations hold no weight of course because Brown really doesn't have the credentials to slander anyone. Of course she has a right to her opinion, but that does not mean that her opinion is accurate. If Pat Brown has joined forces with Websleuths madam Tricia Griffith and her sidekicks Terry Stipp and Mayra Martinez, when the truth does come out, her career will be on the verge of extinction. The plot thickens..

Sunday, August 11, 2013

MayraMM pretends to be a hacker

Watch big bad, baby booming bully, Mayra Martinez (aka MayraMM) of Eugene, Oregon pretend to be a hacker threatening to expose Toni Ingram and her supporters. I am willing to bet that this woman has no skills at all, absolutely none and doesn't even know what an MRIBDE is. She's attempted to conspire with hackers and no one is interested in getting involved. This libelous bully is doing nothing to help her cause. Toni Ingram has never called her. Why would she? She sees Mayra as nothing more than a liar, a stalker, and a bully. The only people who are interested in the lies MayraMM is selling are people like her.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another example of Mayra Martinez's desperation

Mayra Martinez has tried to use every trick in the book to discredit Toni Ingram and her supporters and nothing has worked. Absolutely nothing. When victim's rights advocate Joe Valo responds to one of the baby booming bully's friends (at least that is what appears) defending Sarah Afshar, activist and one of Toni Ingram's supporters, take a look at one of her (MayraMM's) alters responding directly to Joe. The tweet wasn't directed to "her" as in @whittny_C (or Whitneyanne Cradell), it was directed to @prle57.  I mean, was Mayra drunk when she responded or simply so manifested with hatred towards Afshar that she responded without thinking she was on the wrong account?
Don't be fooled folks by malicious MayraMM. This is the perfect example of impersonation, of a real catfish, and MayraMM fits the profile.
UPDATE: Minutes after we published this post, the account deactivated. We got several screenshots before Mayra could deactivate. 

No comment.
Update: There is talk that attorney Jay Leiderman is also involved. We have no clue who this person is. We did find this site interesting 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why didn't Keenan Vanginkel attend the Dr. Phil show?

On Wednesday, July 10, 2013 the Dr. Phil show will be re-airing the show which featured Toni and Steve Ingram. As the hunt for Morgan Ingram's stalker and murderer continues, the Ingrams will never have closure until justice is served. Please watch Dr. Phil and check your local cable listings for more information on specific times.
Why didn't Keenan Vanginkel attend the Dr. Phil show? If you were being accused of murder, wouldn't you want to use a big stage to clear your name? What did he fear exactly? Did he think Dr. Phil would make him take a lie detector test or did he fear that Dr. Phil would make him crack?
You decide.

Friday, March 15, 2013

More lies from MayraMM

Not only is she insinuating that Toni Ingram and Steve Ingram killed Morgan, she's "playing" residential psychologist and diagnosing people. Since when did a stay-at-home, wannabe crime fighter become such an expert in study of human behavior? Notice how she goes from murder to suicide to playing victim while lying about Mrs. Ingram? Notice the evident second victimisation? It's apparent that this woman (Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon) doesn't know what she is talking about. The lengths these women will go are hilarious in a sense where you have to pity them for doing what they are saying and doing. The lies just keep coming from Team Keenan. Morgan did not commit suicide. She was murdered.

Friday, March 1, 2013

MayraMM thinks all psychics are fake

In spite of being a world renowned psychic and appearing on many podcasts and shows including Susan Pinsky's Calling Out and HLN, Jennifer Shaffer is as legitimate as they get. She is in the league of Theresa Caputo, John Edward, and the rest who all will agree that Morgan Ingram was murdered by Keenan. We think the only thing "fake" is this woman, MayraMM making up lies defending a murder, just like she has falsified the police report (including Vanginkel's work records and criminal history) to cover up murder. Now that is fake.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Keenan Vanginkel is a hunter

Do you think he also hunts human beings? We think so. After all, look what he did to Morgan Ingram.

Keenan Vanginkel with Jennifer Johnson

Keenan Vanginkel with his mother, Jennifer Johnson (Dupont).

Mayra Martinez is friend's with Jennifer Johnson, Killer K's mother

Interesting how the woman that created "Truth For Morgan" is friends with Jennifer Johnson. As many of you are already aware, that blog is distorted beyond all recognition. The masking of the actual facts. Mayra Martinez has masked out the real testimony, the names, and everything Keenan Vanginkel. Mayra Martinez Exposed for truth about this individual representing Keenan Vanginkel. We (and there are many of us) are never going to stop until the truth is revealed about what he did to Morgan Ingram on that cold December night in 2011. In the meantime, check out Is she getting paid or just doing this on purpose? Can we say cover up? Stay tuned for the truth to be exposed.