Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Morgan Ingram loved life and she loved living

Morgan Ingram loved her mother Toni Ingram very much. Morgan loved life and she loved living. As a friend of Morgan's, there was never a dull moment because there was always some sort of goal or a project. I know that Morgan never took her own life to escape. Why? Because she wasn't running to begin with. She hated pills and only a few were missing from the over 2-year expired Amitriptyline bottle. She was murdered folks.
Please, I am begging you to please call the tipline and tell them what you know. The number is 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or text: NOCO + your message to: 274637 (CRIMES) You can be anonymous. This is a woman who was stalked for months and had her life taken from her. We know there are many of you that know what happened. Please come forward. You don't have to be afraid. You don't have to worry about your life because you can remain anonymous. Please do the right thing and please call or text what you know.
RIP Morgan Ingram

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jay Leiderman Admits In Court To Serial Crime Spree?

Recently, three sources reached out to let us know that Jay Leiderman is in fact "Team Keenan" and a friend of cyberstalker and libel spreader Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon. Although we find their affiliation irrelevant (in spite of the same modis operandi of slander), we are kind of confused as why he would befriend Joseph Camp (or Jojo Camp) and when Camp refused to "hack" for him, Leiderman attempted to spread libel about him.

We aren't usually ones to share non-related blogs, but we felt like this was an interesting read.

Who is Jay Leiderman and why is he so obsessed with Joseph A. Camp? If he approached Jojo to hack for him, why would he expect him to considering Camp spent years in prison?

Regardless of this story, I hope the truth comes out because I think most people are interested.

Why is MayraMM trying to manipulate Leesa Weist?

Who is Leesa Weist and why is Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) of Eugene, Oregon harassing her? Details coming soon, after the jump.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Meet Marcie Wogan

aka Former Criminal Prosecutor ( It is not Marcie Wogan, but merely someone impersonating her. Can you guess who? Do you want to take a guess? Zzzzzz. Times up.
It's Terry Stipp aka Terry Cavitalo aka Terry Sholes formerly Windchime of Websleuths. We are told she is not only impersonating Marcie, but forging documents of the Wogan. As the real Marcie is too sick to be active online, we are told it's been Stipp (now Sholes) for years impersonating the former criminal prosecutor. We are also told that Stipp is harassing William Murtaugh and continues to leave a paper trail of clues that link her to the many hate blogs and accounts.

8 people contacted us and informed us that Terry Stipp is homebound and collects disability, which is why she is able to spend so much time online impersonating multiple people. Another source close to Stipp said she is doing a favor for Tricia Griffith and even went so far to confirm that Stipp is still a member of the true crime site, Websleuths.

"I went to visit Terry in Weeki Wachee, Florida. I showed up when she was on the computer. She had her computer on and on the page she was logged as Marcie Wogan. I was shocked and asked her what she was doing and she told me she was doing a favor for her friend online. It was very strange to me," Terry's anonymous friend told AJ Jung.

"I'm concerned because Terry is disabled. Her house is also not clean, she has animals and I will leave it at that. Just promise me you won't publish my full name."
Please contact us if you know anymore information about Terry Stipp aka Terry Sholes aka Terry Cavitalo, unregistered sex offender (thank you Alexandria Goddard for letting the world know this important information) and former moderator of Websleuths.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Northern Colorado Crimestoppers Donation Page

So many people have been writing in asking how they can help get justice for Morgan, some have said they went on the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers page to donate to the reward fund, but the donation button wasn’t giving them an option to have the money go into Morgan’s reward account.  I asked Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers about it and they were so kind they added a new donation button to the front page of They said this will give a link to allow donations to be added to Morgan’s fund via Paypal or credit card. Once you click on the link all you have to do is you scroll down their page and you will see:

To send us Donations via mail:
Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers
P.O. Box 18063
Boulder, CO 80308-8063

Thank all of you who have already contributed to her reward fund and sincere thanks to all who are planning on donating in the future.  Your generosity is very much appreciated…together we will get justice for Morgan! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A message from Nina

I miss you Morgan Ingram, it's been so long but it still hurts to know your gone. It wasn't fair that some one so cruel took your life away at such a young age. I'll never forget the day my mom called me December 2nd telling me that you had died. I cried so hard it felt like my world was shattered. Losing you was like losing a sister. Rest in peace. We will see each other soon and for all the birthdays we didn't get to celebrate. I wish you happy birthday. I love you and miss you.

Happy Birthday Morgan Ingram

24 years ago God produced an angel. About 4 years ago, that angel had her soul stolen from her by a demonic entity. Morgan you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten in this life or the next. We will never stop until justice is served for what happened to you.
August 16, 1991-December 2, 2001

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Keenan Vanginkel is no different than Walter Palmer

Keenan Vanginkel is actually worse than Walter Palmer. Do you know why? You see, not only does he hunt animals and kills them, he hunts human beings, stalks them for months before he takes their life.
He hides behind a fake fa├žade that is filled with lies and deception. He has a diabolical mind that is driven by his own rage. It's all very true. It's all very real.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Psychic Angela Spicer said Morgan Ingram was murdered

Ever since psychic medium Joseph Valo III channeled Morgan Ingram, quite a few psychics have come forward to share their thoughts on the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram. One psychic named Angela Spicer from Wyoming said she was able to channel Morgan recently, thanks to a Morgan Ingram supporter. Angela said Morgan showed her everything that happened. She also confirmed that Keenan was obsessed with Morgan, did stalk Morgan for months and had everything planned, which is how he was or is able to get away with murder.
"Keenan followed Morgan everywhere. He was very obsessed with her. He knew almost everything about her because he was obsessed. He was definitely stalking Morgan. There is no question about that."
We asked her how his obsession with Morgan started. She said:
"They actually met through mutual friends. I am also seeing a party where they both went and he (Keenan) tried to talk to her (Morgan). She is standing alone, holding what looks to be a wine cooler or something. She basically said to him she was not interested and was real nice and mature about it. I actually see her smiling at him and saying thank you before walking away. This was a major thing that set him off because he has a huge ego and he does not take the rejection well. I actually see him talking to himself and saying - no one rejects me, no one rejects Keenan Vanginkel."
Angela also confirmed that Keenan did rape Morgan and even went so far to tell us that when he attempted to rape her again, he had sex with her dead body.
"She is telling me that he raped her and I am seeing everything that happened. I am seeing it, as it is happening. I also see that Morgan blacked out and as Keenan was raping her (Morgan), she was unconscious and literally dying. I actually see him raping her while she is dead."
We won't go into details out of respect for the Ingram family. Angela also said:
"He injected her with the Amitriptyline and shoved the drug down into her stomach to make it look like a suicide. She is showing me what he did. This was not a suicide, it was murder. Morgan was stalked, she was raped, and she was murdered by the man who stalked her, Keenan Vanginkel."
Has Keenan Vanginkel killed before?
"Yes. Morgan is not his only victim. The moment I was asked to channel him, I saw him and I heard blood curdling screams that came to me all at once from his victims. I am being shown several girls and getting a few names, as well. They are standing next to each other along with Morgan."