Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
I still can't believe it's 2016. Morgan use to love the song Auld Lang Syne. It was based off of a poem by Robert Burns. That was one of Morgan's favorite poems.
Auld Lang Syne
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
And surely you’ll buy your pint cup!
and surely I’ll buy mine!
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.
We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.
And there’s a hand my trusty friend!
And give me a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.

Another year without Morgan Ingram

From Morgan's friend Basil:
Every New Year I would always get a call or a text (most of the time, both) from my friend Morgan. She would say hello and then let me know that she was thinking about me. She also took pride in checking up on me because that was the type of person she was. She always cared about other people and put them first before herself. I miss Morgan Ingram so much. It is very weird not hearing from her. It was the hardest for me in 2011 going into 2012. I still have a hard time accepting that she is gone. I look at my phone every year and I never receive anything. I've come to realization that my friend is gone and I won't ever see her again in this lifetime. Do I think she committed suicide? Absolutely not. She told me about the stalker and has even said that her parents were investigating and that if something would happen, they would fight for her. I tried to ask her more about the stalker, but she didn't want me to worry. She did tell me his name was Keenan. Also mentioned that she caught him doing things including looking into her window while she was sleeping and jacking off. This is what prompted her to put up the flannel sheets as curtains. I was never interviewed and I don't know why. Going into 2016 is so hard without my friend but I know justice will come and I can fall to sleep peacefully at night when it does. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Troll Quandry

The trolls are going to have a bit of a problem come January, 1, 2016. The problem they face is that the new blog will not mention them at all. Not a single one of them will be mentioned.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The 5th Christmas without Morgan

From Morgan's friend Julia:
There are not enough words to express how I am feeling right now. The only thing that I can do is remember life with Morgan and how she impacted mine. She was greatest person I ever met. I loved her chocolate truffles she made during Christmas, but not as much as I loved her and the person she was. Those people who talk trash about her don't know her. She was never a suicidal type of person. I don't think she ever was depressed and definitely was not a weak person to take her life. She hated pills and would never OD. Their lies are a joke just like what they are saying about the stalker who is a convicted felon and criminal. Anyways, I'm not waiting my negative energy on the man who took her life because that will ruin my holidays. I just want to say that Morgan will be forever remembered as the greatest person to come into my life and I will always remember the good times we had together. I love you Morgan and I will continue to pray for light and for justice. 

Remembering Christmas with Morgan Ingram

From Morgan's friend Paula:
How is Christmas without Morgan? It is depressing. Every year Morgan would send me homemade chocolate truffles she made in the mail. She always knew how to put a smile on someone's face. She was the light that you needed to live. She was one of my best friends and I will never forget her. Morgan Ingram, you will be forever missed. I will remember you forever. I love you my friend. Merry Christmas in Heaven.

Christmas without Morgan is like Life without Sunshine

From Morgan's friend Erica:
Christmas without Morgan Ingram is like life without Sunshine. It's very depressing and very dark. As I sit here and respond to your request for a statement for the blog, I can't help but think why is my friend dead. It's been 5 years and yet I have a hard time getting over the loss. Everyday I cry wishing something would happen. I knew Morgan and she was not the type to take her life. She hated pills. I will continue to pray that there is justice for what happened to Morgan. She was one of my best friends and the impact she made on me will always be remembered forever. I miss Morgan's homemade truffles she use to make at Christmas time. Merry Christmas in Heaven Morgan. I know you are watching over me as an angel. I will keep praying for justice. I love you Morgan. If there are any mistakes I do apologize. It's hard to cry and type. -Erica

She will be forever missed on this very sad sad Christmas day

From Morgan's friend Louisa:
Morgan was the type of person that loved Christmas. It was one of her favorite holidays. She enjoyed spending time with her family and her friends. She also believed in making things for the holidays and one of my all time favorites was her chocolate truffles. She actually made them for Christmas 2010. The thing that keeps bothering me is that Morgan told me after we Skyped (this was about a week before she was murdered) that if she would end up dead or something would happen that it would look like she disappeared, to make sure it was investigated. I asked her what she meant and that is how I found out about the Keenan guy. She told me that he was stalking her and even went so far to say to she saw him staring at her while she slept. It was almost as if Morgan knew she would end up dead by this guy. I keep going on and on over what she told me in my head like it happened yesterday. When I tried to share this information with law enforcement, they just ignored me. I miss my friend. I miss the times we would share talking about plans. Morgan and I both loved dancing. We both loved cooking. We both loved art and music and singing. We loved it all. I know she is gone now and she isn't going to come back but I want my friend back. I never realized that the Christmas of 2010 would be the last and final time I would ever receive anything from my friend or that I would ever see her again. I want her to know how much I love her and how much I miss her. She will be forever missed on this very sad sad Christmas day. 

My heart is broken, I miss Morgie

From Morgan's friend Katherine:

Morgan Ingram was the greatest person I ever knew. She was always the type to lift your spirits when you were in a bad mood. If you felt like nothing, she made you feel like you were worth something. She was the most optimistic and happiest person I have ever met.

When I think of this being the 5th Christmas without her, I can't help but think why she would take her own life. I went through everything in my head a million times. Morgan told me about the stalker but I was never interviewed. I even saw him once at the end of the road and yet why wasn't I interviewed? I saw Lou Vallario, the sheriff a few days after Morgan was murdered and he just looked at me. When I saw Robert Glassmire, I went to ask him about Morgan and he walked away. I am not sure if he heard me or just didn't want to hear her name.

I've suffered in silence for too long. I miss Morgie and even though this is the 5th Christmas without Morgan and the 4th anniversary of her death, I will remember her for the rest of my life. My heart continues to break knowing justice hasn't happened. I love you Morgan and I will pray everyday for justice. 

Another Christmas without You

From Morgan's friend Tina:
As I attempt to wipe away the tears of knowing you are not here, I remember all of the good times you and I spent together. All of the laughs we shared. Christmas is not the same without you, Morgan. The pain of what happened to you sticks with me and yet I feel so lost and confused knowing there is nothing I can do. I feel hate, I feel anger, and I feel only negative energy when I think about what happened to you and what he did to you. I can only pray everyday there is justice for what happened to you and for my only Christmas wish this holiday, I pray that 2016 is the year justice will happen. I love you more and I will never forget you in this life or the next one after. Rest in peace my dear friend. xoxo Tina

Merry Christmas

So many tears and many more broken hearts. It's been the 5th Christmas without you, Morgan. We will never give up nor stop fighting for you.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them." - Lois McMaster Bujold

RIP Morgan Jennifer Ingram

RIP Morgan Ingram
August 16, 1991-December 2, 2001

It's been 4 years since you were murdered

It's been four years since you have been gone and yet I feel like you are still around. Every time I feel sad, I think about those times you and I spent. All of the laughs we shared. All of the memories we created. When I read any lie about you and see some stranger who had no clue who you were talk bad about you, it just makes me stronger and more motivated to get justice for what happened to you. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. I, along with many others will continue this fight until justice is served for your murder. We love you Morgan and we will never stop until the truth about what happened to you is revealed.

Monday, November 30, 2015

A Cold Winters Night

Morgan Ingram supporter and big supporter of justice, William Murtaugh aka Murtwitnessone is a man of character and a real man of wisdom. We are huge fans of his blog and recently this one really touched our hearts. Definitely worth the read.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A really good banner to share on Facebook

Thank you to whoever made this and decided to share it with the world. For every Morgan Ingram supporter out there, I encourage you to share this image. The truth speaks for itself. Please share this on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and every other social media outlet that lets others like your photos and share them. I've been friends with Morgan for years and when she died, I just knew she was murdered because she would never take her own life. Lets work together to get the truth out about what happened to Morgan Ingram. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tricia Griffith of Websleuths

Tricia Griffith of Websleuths is the mastermind behind the libel, the slander and hate blogs against Toni Ingram, Steve Ingram, Sarah Afshar, Joseph Valo III, Jodin Davunt and many others. She is using Terri Stipp, former administrator of Websleuths "Windchime" along with MayraMM (or Mayra Marie Martinez) along with Mike Boudet of Sword & Scale to spread lies about Toni Ingram, Steve Ingram, Sarah Afshar, Joseph Valo III, Jodin Davunt and many others. Tricia's history of menacing speaks for itself and everyone knows Terry Stipp is still a member of Websleuths and possibly a moderator of the true crime forum.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

MayraMM lies

Why is 54 year old MayraMM from Eugene, Oregon spreading so many lies about Toni Ingram? Why is this baby booming bully lying about Sarah Afshar? Why is this Donald Trump hater lying about Jodin Davunt? Why is this opportunist lying about Joseph Valo? Why is this woman defending Keenan Vanginkel and spreading lies about anyone who believes he murdered Morgan Ingram? Why is this woman victim blaming and spreading propaganda about Morgan Ingram and her murder? What is wrong with Mayra Marie Martinez from Oregon?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meet Marcie Wogan

100% confirmed. Terry Stipp (now Terry Sholes) aka Terry Cavitalo formerly Windchime of Websleuths. She has been impersonating Wogan for years, but made the mistake of having conversations which were recorded. Stipp forgot that she met several people at the search for Caylee Anthony and one of them told us that it was her voice in the recordings posing as Marcie Wogan. She has managed to try and ruin Wogan's name but it ends now. The real Marcie Wogan along with her family are looking at legal options. Stay tuned. #OpExposed

Friday, October 2, 2015

Help Find Joe Keller

Joseph Keller is missing. He was last seen on July 23, 2015 in Antonito, Colorado and has been missing ever since. He is originally from Cleveland, Tennessee and went for a run along CR250. He disappeared. Where is Joe? Keller has blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is about 5'7 and weighs about 160. If you know anything about Joe Keller, please call: 1-(844)-FindJoe or (423) 667-7161. There is a $50,000 reward available  to anyone who knows anything. #KeepHopeAlive

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Suspicion's Edge of Insanity on Discovery ID

Just found this on Amazon. I thought I would let everyone know that the Suspicion episode, Edge of Insanity that Toni Ingram appeared on can be purchased for $1.99 on Amazon for those who are unable to get Discovery ID on their TV sets. In case you are wondering, Jayden is Keenan Vanginkel and Jessica is Brooke Harris.
Description: Toni Ingram's 19 year old daughter, Morgan is creative and funny. Threatening behavior quickly escalates into stalking. Toni and her husband are thrown into a desperate race to unmask their daughter's nemesis before everything they hold dear is destroyed. (Season 1, episode 2)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Morgan Ingram loved life and she loved living

Morgan Ingram loved her mother Toni Ingram very much. Morgan loved life and she loved living. As a friend of Morgan's, there was never a dull moment because there was always some sort of goal or a project. I know that Morgan never took her own life to escape. Why? Because she wasn't running to begin with. She hated pills and only a few were missing from the over 2-year expired Amitriptyline bottle. She was murdered folks.
Please, I am begging you to please call the tipline and tell them what you know. The number is 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or text: NOCO + your message to: 274637 (CRIMES) You can be anonymous. This is a woman who was stalked for months and had her life taken from her. We know there are many of you that know what happened. Please come forward. You don't have to be afraid. You don't have to worry about your life because you can remain anonymous. Please do the right thing and please call or text what you know.
RIP Morgan Ingram

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jay Leiderman Admits In Court To Serial Crime Spree?

Recently, three sources reached out to let us know that Jay Leiderman is in fact "Team Keenan" and a friend of cyberstalker and libel spreader Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon. Although we find their affiliation irrelevant (in spite of the same modis operandi of slander), we are kind of confused as why he would befriend Joseph Camp (or Jojo Camp) and when Camp refused to "hack" for him, Leiderman attempted to spread libel about him.

We aren't usually ones to share non-related blogs, but we felt like this was an interesting read.

Who is Jay Leiderman and why is he so obsessed with Joseph A. Camp? If he approached Jojo to hack for him, why would he expect him to considering Camp spent years in prison?

Regardless of this story, I hope the truth comes out because I think most people are interested.

Why is MayraMM trying to manipulate Leesa Weist?

Who is Leesa Weist and why is Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) of Eugene, Oregon harassing her? Details coming soon, after the jump.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Meet Marcie Wogan

aka Former Criminal Prosecutor ( It is not Marcie Wogan, but merely someone impersonating her. Can you guess who? Do you want to take a guess? Zzzzzz. Times up.
It's Terry Stipp aka Terry Cavitalo aka Terry Sholes formerly Windchime of Websleuths. We are told she is not only impersonating Marcie, but forging documents of the Wogan. As the real Marcie is too sick to be active online, we are told it's been Stipp (now Sholes) for years impersonating the former criminal prosecutor. We are also told that Stipp is harassing William Murtaugh and continues to leave a paper trail of clues that link her to the many hate blogs and accounts.

8 people contacted us and informed us that Terry Stipp is homebound and collects disability, which is why she is able to spend so much time online impersonating multiple people. Another source close to Stipp said she is doing a favor for Tricia Griffith and even went so far to confirm that Stipp is still a member of the true crime site, Websleuths.

"I went to visit Terry in Weeki Wachee, Florida. I showed up when she was on the computer. She had her computer on and on the page she was logged as Marcie Wogan. I was shocked and asked her what she was doing and she told me she was doing a favor for her friend online. It was very strange to me," Terry's anonymous friend told AJ Jung.

"I'm concerned because Terry is disabled. Her house is also not clean, she has animals and I will leave it at that. Just promise me you won't publish my full name."
Please contact us if you know anymore information about Terry Stipp aka Terry Sholes aka Terry Cavitalo, unregistered sex offender (thank you Alexandria Goddard for letting the world know this important information) and former moderator of Websleuths.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Northern Colorado Crimestoppers Donation Page

So many people have been writing in asking how they can help get justice for Morgan, some have said they went on the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers page to donate to the reward fund, but the donation button wasn’t giving them an option to have the money go into Morgan’s reward account.  I asked Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers about it and they were so kind they added a new donation button to the front page of They said this will give a link to allow donations to be added to Morgan’s fund via Paypal or credit card. Once you click on the link all you have to do is you scroll down their page and you will see:

To send us Donations via mail:
Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers
P.O. Box 18063
Boulder, CO 80308-8063

Thank all of you who have already contributed to her reward fund and sincere thanks to all who are planning on donating in the future.  Your generosity is very much appreciated…together we will get justice for Morgan! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A message from Nina

I miss you Morgan Ingram, it's been so long but it still hurts to know your gone. It wasn't fair that some one so cruel took your life away at such a young age. I'll never forget the day my mom called me December 2nd telling me that you had died. I cried so hard it felt like my world was shattered. Losing you was like losing a sister. Rest in peace. We will see each other soon and for all the birthdays we didn't get to celebrate. I wish you happy birthday. I love you and miss you.

Happy Birthday Morgan Ingram

24 years ago God produced an angel. About 4 years ago, that angel had her soul stolen from her by a demonic entity. Morgan you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten in this life or the next. We will never stop until justice is served for what happened to you.
August 16, 1991-December 2, 2001

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Keenan Vanginkel is no different than Walter Palmer

Keenan Vanginkel is actually worse than Walter Palmer. Do you know why? You see, not only does he hunt animals and kills them, he hunts human beings, stalks them for months before he takes their life.
He hides behind a fake fa├žade that is filled with lies and deception. He has a diabolical mind that is driven by his own rage. It's all very true. It's all very real.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Psychic Angela Spicer said Morgan Ingram was murdered

Ever since psychic medium Joseph Valo III channeled Morgan Ingram, quite a few psychics have come forward to share their thoughts on the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram. One psychic named Angela Spicer from Wyoming said she was able to channel Morgan recently, thanks to a Morgan Ingram supporter. Angela said Morgan showed her everything that happened. She also confirmed that Keenan was obsessed with Morgan, did stalk Morgan for months and had everything planned, which is how he was or is able to get away with murder.
"Keenan followed Morgan everywhere. He was very obsessed with her. He knew almost everything about her because he was obsessed. He was definitely stalking Morgan. There is no question about that."
We asked her how his obsession with Morgan started. She said:
"They actually met through mutual friends. I am also seeing a party where they both went and he (Keenan) tried to talk to her (Morgan). She is standing alone, holding what looks to be a wine cooler or something. She basically said to him she was not interested and was real nice and mature about it. I actually see her smiling at him and saying thank you before walking away. This was a major thing that set him off because he has a huge ego and he does not take the rejection well. I actually see him talking to himself and saying - no one rejects me, no one rejects Keenan Vanginkel."
Angela also confirmed that Keenan did rape Morgan and even went so far to tell us that when he attempted to rape her again, he had sex with her dead body.
"She is telling me that he raped her and I am seeing everything that happened. I am seeing it, as it is happening. I also see that Morgan blacked out and as Keenan was raping her (Morgan), she was unconscious and literally dying. I actually see him raping her while she is dead."
We won't go into details out of respect for the Ingram family. Angela also said:
"He injected her with the Amitriptyline and shoved the drug down into her stomach to make it look like a suicide. She is showing me what he did. This was not a suicide, it was murder. Morgan was stalked, she was raped, and she was murdered by the man who stalked her, Keenan Vanginkel."
Has Keenan Vanginkel killed before?
"Yes. Morgan is not his only victim. The moment I was asked to channel him, I saw him and I heard blood curdling screams that came to me all at once from his victims. I am being shown several girls and getting a few names, as well. They are standing next to each other along with Morgan."

Friday, July 10, 2015

The murder of Morgan Jennifer Ingram

Few things cause more suffering than to outlive one’s child. On a cold December night in 2011, the parents and loved ones would learn that suffering all too well when they learned of their daughters death. It was a death caused by terror, it was a death caused by a stalker.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tricia Griffith's history of Catfishing explained on Justice Quest

Since we started this blog in late 2012, we have heard from over 20 people that Tricia Griffith along with her side kicks Terry Stipp and Mayra Martinez all have a history of catfishing and impersonation; however, it was recently that many women started coming forward claiming to be victims of Tricia Griffith. This excludes their family members who have reached out to Justice Quest about their experiences with the true crime administrator.

You can read more here about Tricia Griffith and her menacing There are threads upon threads (at least a hundred) and if you have a story, just post it there.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keenan Vanginkel is a liar

Keenan Vanginkel is a liar and has proved to be a big one. He "thinks" he got away with the murder of Morgan Ingram but he hasn't. Now he's trying to attack law enforcement along with his mother Jennifer Johnson (Dupont) by calling them liars to cover up the fact he is a liar. I wonder where their friend Lou Vallario is. Obviously he did some damage control to keep a guilty man out of jail.

Murtwitnessone aka William Murtaugh

Murtwitnessone aka
William Murtaugh.
William Murtaugh (Murtwitnessone or Murtwitnessonelive) is a victim of Terry Stipp (Windchime) and Tricia Griffith's libel. These women demonstrated recently that if they cannot get their way, they will do whatever they can to feel good about themselves. This includes spreading lies and doing everything they can to commit character assassination of innocent people. We have every reason to believe that Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) is also involved with her group of friends, which only consists of a handful of people, if that.

Here is what he recently told us:

"I first met Terri Stipp at one of the searches for Caylee Anthony. At the time I did not know she was a moderator for At the second search site for Caylee, Terri appeared in a local Orlando TV segment on my coverage of the Caylee search. I also met her once again at a memorial for Caylee shortly after she was found.

Around this time an article appeared written by Alexandra Goddard from Columbus, Ohio that exposed Terri Stipp as an unregistered sex offender. It turns out she was alleged to have had sex with her now deceased ex husband on a kitchen table in front of two minor children. At one point during this incident, the husband had one of the children photograph Terri's sex organ. This incident came to light when they had the film from the disposable camera developed.

Terri pled guilty to four charges of lewd acts in the presence of a minor in return for testifying against her husband. At that time there was no law requiring her to register as a sex offender and thus her convictions went unnoticed until someone started doing background checks of all the staff at the sleuths. 

At the time all of this came out, Terri's sister was a co administrator of my chat and broadcast site. While out of town and without my permission, Tinkerbell as was her paltalk username went live and told everyone the children lied under pressure of their now deceased grandfather. At that time nobody knew there was photographic evidence of the incident.
Terri Stipp, the mysterious individual
behind all of the harassment towards
William Murtaugh.

When I found out. I made my displeasure known and also told my viewers that I did not agree with nor approve of her actions. This started a series of retaliatory actions that lasts to this day. Terri and her sister joined with those who supported them and started one of the most elaborate smear campaigns seen on the internet. There are at least a dozen blogs written about me in highly negative terms. I am being called a pedophile on a daily bases due to someone putting fake chat messages on the internet claiming that I confessed to murdering a missing child and hunting for children to victimize in shopping centers.

I have had ripoff reports made against me as well as numerous police reports ( now called swatting) and countless twitter accounts impersonating me. I could go on for hours but if you want to know everything, just google my usernames MURTWITNESSONE, MURTWITNESSONELIVE, M2KFL and my irl name William Murtaugh.

It was this article that triggered the problems that would eventually cause the problems I am going through today: There is also a topix forum about her

Is Terry Stipp still on Websleuths payroll?
This is another article about when she was alleged to have been involved in the Haleigh Cummings case. I never found out if she was the woman in this article.

This is one of many articles I did on Terri Stipp. You will also be able to follow my various problems that were caused primarily due to the exposure of this woman as a sex offender:

One correction in the article. It was upon further research that I found out that it was actually one of the children who took the photos. This is the article about the sentencing of her then husband:

This is her name before marriage: Terry Annamarie Sholes. Stipp is the surname of her current husband.

You will see that my reputation is in ruins. I firmly believe that Terri Stipp is still active in efforts to keep my reputation tarnished and beyond repair. I have read what Terri has been doing since first notified of her actions several months ago. I was then trolled by what I thought was a twitter account that was impersonating Terri and trolling her. The session soon turned into a defense of her and I soon came to the belief that it was either her or someone supporting her.

It was then that I was contacted and now find myself telling my story to you folks. At the moment I have no solution to offer other than to be here to support you in whatever limited way I can. I have been damaged to the point to where I doubt I will be much help. Many who hear my name in any way related to your dilemma will use it to harm your cause.

I do hope a solution can be found to make her be held accountable for her actions and I stand ready to assist you any way I can." 
Tricia Griffith.

William Murtaugh is guilty of nothing. In fact, this man is innocent and just because he didn't support a pedophile or the accusations that the pedophile was innocent, he is now being smeared by the same people who have attacked Toni Ingram and her supporters, the same exact way.  Yes folks. This man is a victim of cyberbullying and slander by the same group who have lied about Mrs. Ingram and her supporters.

Is Tricia Griffith really Tinkerbell or is it just one of Stipp's many fake accounts? Is it Marcie Wogan?

Keenan Vanginkel still killed Morgan Ingram and we are never going to stop until the truth is exposed for what he did to her. You can spread lies about Mrs. Ingram and those that support her, but that doesn't change that Morgan Ingram was murdered by the man who was stalking her.

Murtwitnessone William Kevin Murtaugh William Murtaugh Murtwtinessonelive M2KFL William Murtaugh is a hero Murtwitnessone is a hero Terry Stipp Tricia Griffith Websleuths Terri Stipp Terry Sholes Terry Cavitalo James Cavitalo Terri Sholes Terri Cavitalo Windchime Websleuths Patricia Griffith True Crime Patricia Arrington Griffith William Murtaugh Levi Page Alexandria Goddard Michelle McKee Ohio Tim Holmseth Tricia Griffith Terry Tricia Griffith Terri Cyberbullying Propaganda Mayra Martinez Patricia Marie Griffith Utah Maryland Marcie Wogan Tinkerbell Terri Sholes Terry Annemarie Sholes True Crime Radio Blog Talk Radio Jojo Camp Joseph A. Camp James McGibney Terry Stipp harassment Websleuths Greasyskidmarks Terry Stipp exposed Bully Cyberbully Websleuths scandal True crime scandal CNN Lefora Sosueme Sue Pruitt Cathy Rhodes Kimster Crimewatchers Justice Quest Toby Robert William Murtaugh True Story William Murtaugh tells truth William Murtaugh truth Sorrento Florida Murtwitnessone Hero Caylee Anthony Casey Anthony Tuscan Terry William K Murtaugh truth Murtwitnessonelive Caylee Anthony Murtwitnessone Casey Anthony Murder Crime Homicide Murtwitnessone truth

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to Steve Ingram

The Ingrams are wonderful people, which is why Morgan loved them very much and loved spending time with them. She traveled constantly with her parents because that was one of her favorite things to do. She loved her mother Toni, as she loved her father Steve very much. Today is Father's Day and although Morgan Ingram is not here to celebrate this special day with her dad, this picture serves as a memory that they both shared together.
Happy Father's Day Steve!

Friday, June 19, 2015

10 Black Vultures - What does it mean?

Back in March Steve & I were talking out on our back patio.  Actually Steve was doing all the talking, and I was distracted by a little bird.  The day before I had asked Morgan for a sign and now I was watching this little bird hop down from the fence onto the hillside, and all the time it seemed to be watching me.  I smiled at it while Steve continued to talk.  The little bird hopped closer and closer, I thought this was a sign that Morgan was sending to me, but I wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Harassment towards American hero Jodin Davunt

Just some of the many libel towards victim's rights advocate, father, and
hard worker, Jodin Davunt. Why such hatred towards Jodin Davunt?

Didn't Marcie say the same thing? You know, Marcie Wogan? Since Wogan is allegedly being
impersonated by Tricia Griffith, Terry Stipp, and MayraMM, wouldn't it make it
these three behind this libel? Btw, none of this is true. At all.
More libel from the baby booming pig party. None of this is true.
They are trying everything to make Jodin look bad. They make themselves
look like trash talking this kind of garbage about a father.
 Jodin Davunt is a target of Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM), and perverted pedophilia Terry Stipp (formerly Windchime of Websleuths) smear campaign which they started in an effort to make Toni Ingram appear crazy. Operation brokeback has also attempted to discredit anyone who supports Toni Ingram. We often wonder how much sheriff Lou Vallario of Glenwood Springs, Colorado is sending them to complete these special tasks or if they are that crazy. These sleuthers have been targeting Jodin since day one and Jodin has refused to back down. Jodin Davunt is not a convicted felon. Jodin Davunt is not a child molester. Jodin Davunt is not any of these things that these women have said. In the end, these women are on a mission but this mission won't last long. Most people are onto their scam. The question is, are you?
Jodin Davunt Tiffany Davunt Amy Davunt Morgan Ingram MayraMM Shelby Jenn Johnson Keenan Vanginkel Morgan Ingram Keenan Brooke Harris Keenan Vanginkel Brooke Hannah Hurlocker Jodin Trunt Jodin Davis Mike Boudet Sword & Scale Mike Boudet Sword and Scale Intro to PPC Aisha Lamont Pregnant 11 Reddit Lou Vallario Tricia Marie Griffith Marcie Wogan Terry Stipp Terri Stipp Casey Sweren JB Wogan Websleuths Jodin4Justice JodinForJustice Morgan Ingram Toni Murder Stalking Morgan's Stalking Toni Ingram Steve Ingram Ryan Ingram Leesa Weist psycho William Weist Basalt Carbondale Keenan Vanginkel Brook Randy Kempton Heather Sparkman Marcie Sweren Casey Bree Mars Terri Sholes Terri Cavitalo James Cavitalo Windchime William Murtaugh Levi Page Alexandria Goddard Mike Boudet SEO JD4Justice Tricia Arrington Griffith Montgomery County Maryland JB Wogan John Wogan Patricia Marie Griffith Midvale Utah Lutherville Timonium Eugene Oregon Lake Florida Clay Aiken John Paulus Patricia Arrington Griffith Websleuths Marcie 9riest Bullyville Mayra Marie Martinez MayraMM Exposed Morgan Ingram Murder Porphyria Morgan Ingram Case Stalking Morgan Ingram Stalker Jayden Discovery ID Suspicion Jayden Keenan Vanginkel Jessica Brooke Harris Brooke Harris Hines Dr. Phil Dr. Drew Dr. Michael Dobersen Dr. Robert Kurtzman Cause Manner Death Intro to PPC Free Podcasts Blog Talk Radio True Crime

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo III channels Morgan Ingram

Joseph Valo III is a victim's rights advocate who has been a long-time Morgan Ingram supporter. He has always supported both Toni and Steve Ingram. He is also the boyfriend of another supporter, Sarah Afshar who is a strong woman and has always been part of Team Toni since the beginning. Recently, Joe did a podcast about Morgan Ingram where he channeled the events that lead to her death. Check out the psychic channel here

Joseph Valo JosephValo Joseph Valo III Joe Valo JoeValo Joe Valo III Psychic Morgan Ingram Morgan Jennifer Ingram Morgan Ingram Channel Psychic Powers Medium Psychic Medium Psychic Online Best Psychic Online John Edward Sylvia Browne What happened to John Edward psychic Joseph Valo III psychic medium Clairvoyant are mediums real or fake SEO Morgan Ingram Stalking Morgan Ingram Murder Homicide True Crime Toni Ingram Sarah Afshar Theresa Caputo Evidence Proof Keenan Vanginkel Discovery ID Jayden Morgan Ingram Truth Crime True Crime Podcast Soundcloud Free Podcast Lou Vallario Robert Glassmire Robert Kurtzman Rape Clairvoyant Energy Morgan Ingram Proof Murder Evidence Homicide Morgan Ingram Case  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Terri Stipp connects with Alex Stanton aka Nancy Nusbaum

According to an unidentified person, Alex Stanton aka Nancy Nusbaum had a conversation with Terri Stipp. Actually multiple times. The conversations were said to have been recorded and placed on several Marcie Wogan websites. These websites we are not aware of but according to sources have been made public to where people can actually hear the conversations. In the conversations, Stipp attempted to pose as Wogan. Stipp's little scam backfired because the conversations were recorded (without her knowledge). The voice does not match Wogan but does match Stipp in disguise. Why is Stipp impersonating former criminal prosecutor Marcie Wogan? If she is still on Websleuths payroll, that would mean that Tricia Griffith is paying her to troll other people using this woman's identity. As administrator of Websleuths, Griffith has access to millions of members personal information. Since Stipp was outed as an unregistered sex offender about 6-7 years ago and was moderator of the true crime site, there has been talk she is still on the Websleuths payroll and is a member of Websleuths under a different identity. Using Stipp to harass, troll, stalk, and intimidate Toni Ingram makes sense because this type of cunning nature is in Tricia's DNA. Just ask her ex husband who surely had a lot of interesting things to say about his ex wife. I think it's safe to say that this story just keeps getting weirder by the minute. Which is why we are not going to stop sharing it with you because this blog contains information that is 100% true.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Terri Stipp tries to disguise her voice in this video

Listen to the person that calls themselves "Casey" in this video click (which you can hear, here). They insist they are Casey Sweren and others in the clip are accusing "Casey" of being Marcie Wogan. But one person who met Terri several times in person says the disguise is not enough. Check it out.

There is definitely a connection to the Marcie Wogan alias and it links back to Terry Stipp aka Cavitalo formerly Windchime of Websleuths. Listen to the clip. That is Terry Stipp.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Marcie Wogan and the Websleuths connection

Here you see Marcie Wogan going by the alias "Candy" with the location in East Lansing, Michigan. Of course, she is responding to herself, which is evident by the screenshot above. A lot of stuff about Jonbenet Ramsey, which is a case Tricia Griffith the administrator of Websleuths is obsessed with.

On the 17th of February (this is in 2013) she originally responds. Marcie fails to realize she made another thread under a different name and location, spamming her libelous blog. More propaganda is spread by this woman using whatever credentials she has. Here, she just spams the link.

Fast forward. From Towson, Maryland to East Lansing, Michigan in a 24 hour period? "As Always M" responds on February 19, 2013. How can one person be in two places at one time? I don't think so. Just after one day, she is back responding as "Candy". She forgot.
Now take a look at this:
"Shelby" is alleged to be Tricia Griffith, Mayra Martinez, and Terry Stipp (a shared account) but we think it's one of the three women above. They live in Troy, Michigan (only one hour away from East Lansing, Michigan). Look at their tweets and notice how they are tweeting about a Baltimore sports team. Odd right?
Is the same women behind "Shelby" impersonating Marcie Wogan or is Marcie someone completely different? Perhaps Terry AnneMarie Sholes (aka Terry Stipp aka Terry Cavitalo who went by Windchime on Websleuths). This is just more evidence and proof of the scam. This is the same woman that creates hate blogs about everyone (can we say loser?) and has even attacked a 6 year old girl and a 7 year old boy simply because she doesn't like their parents.
Let's take a look at the infamous Marcie Wogan (who is obviously being impersonated and therefore; is a sock account made up by Terry Stipp and Tricia Griffith.
Why promote that forum instead of your own blog? Is it because that blog is really just a joke, a gimmick? Was the blog meant to mock the real Marcie Wogan? Why "spam" Websleuths?
Sure thing, Tricia. Btw, it is Christina Stoy, not Shannon. Typical derailing scam by changing one of the names. Commonly used by sock accounts, so people won't suspect it is them trolling.
I think it's safe to say that this woman behind these accounts along with the entire libelous smear campaign against Toni Ingram and her supporters is very very mentally sick to the level she is borderline insane. Hopefully there is a cure for this type of thing, we can only hope.
Who is Susan Parsons and what is her connection to this? What about Kim Picazio? Tricia Arrington Griffith as in Patricia Arrington being Tricia's maiden name. If Tricia Griffith is originally from Montgomery County, Maryland, that would explain that she is Marcie Wogan. This would also prove that Terry Stipp (Windchime) and Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) both have access to the account, as well.
Tricia Arrington from Maryland?
We have a hard time believing that Marcie would portray herself in this way, which is why folks the Marcie Wogan posting on these alters you see that is portraying themselves to be a psycho is really not Marcie, but Tricia Griffith, Terry Stipp, and Mayra Martinez. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is unregistered sex offender still affiliated with

I just had a rather heated discussion with someone who is defending Terri Stipp aka Windchime who was a former moderator at the well known true crime forum When the revelation appeared in a blog article outing Terri Stipp as an unregistered and confessed sex offender, Trica Griffith, the owner of the forum was forced to dismiss Ms Stipp as a moderator of the forum.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is an Anonymous member really defending a pedophile?

Popswashere other wise known as Thomas Norman Olsen are knowingly defending a convicted sex offender. And yes, I say knowing because I have spelled out in detail exactly who this pedophile is. Tonight, Pops, in his newly created blog posted a link of a recording made to my brother, a US  Marine veteran.

Friday, May 29, 2015 is a new crime forum created by one of the former administrators of Websleuths, Sue Pruitt. Pruitt took legal action against Tricia Griffith after Griffith stole money from her and proceeded to bully her with socks and help from her bar hag sleuthers. I guess after settling in court (which I am sure Griffith's attorney was lied to, which we believe was the case) and presented the idea that money either didn't exist or was put back into the website along with that brain injury Tricia always tells people she has, but fails to prove exists, Pruitt decided to leave Websleuths and just create her own forum. We think it's smart considering all of the horrible things Griffith has done to many people including Toni Ingram simply because Ingram denied a second interview and asked Griffith kindly to remove images of her daughter from a private forum. The point we are making is, I think may be a forum to check out. 

MayraMM is one of the biggest bullies of all time

MayraMM aka Mayra Marie Martinez from Eugene, Oregon.

And is a liar (which we have proven time and time again). It takes a very cunning and calculating individual who is downright low to harass, stalk, intimidate, libel, and slander a grieving mother who lost her daughter to murder. The lengths this woman will go to spread propaganda is just sick. She has not only attempted to ruin Toni Ingram's good name by spreading lies, but she has falsified actual records by removing vital information that proves Keenan was in Colorado the night of Morgan Ingram's murder. What she is doing is sick. It is so sick, most of us cannot begin to grasp her reason for doing such a horrible thing. Our guess is this woman has always been a bully. There is no other reason or explanation.
She was more than likely a bully at a young age and just continued because no one really spoke out against her need to feed her ego. The only thing we can feel sorry about is the fact that she has never really overcome the habit. We question why this woman would go through this trouble? Because it is obvious to us (and to most people) she doesn't want the investigation to get open. What is Mayra Marie Martinez so scared of?
MayraMM Mayra Marie Martinez MayraM Mayra Martinez Eugene Oregon MayraMM Facebook Mayra Martinez Mike Boudet MayraMM Ingram Morgan Ingram Toni Ingram 2015 Morgan Ingram Murder Morgan Ingram Case Sword & Scale 12 Mayra Martinez Exposed Morgan Ingram Murdered Porphyria Lou Vallario Oregon Websleuths MayraMartinez Propaganda Mayra Martinez Lies Sarah Afshar Harassment Tricia Griffith Windchime Websleuths Windchime Aisha Lamont ToniIngram Terry Stipp Marcie Wogan Mayra Martinez Morgan Ingram Mayra Martinez Keenan Vanginkel Brooke Harris Morgan Ingram Mayra Martinez Ingram Truth4Morgan TruthforMorgan Truth For Morgan Ingram Morgan Ingram Truth Morgan Ingram Case Podcast Proof Sheriff Lou Vallario Ryan Ingram Leesa Weist Las Vegas Oregon Bully Fake Breakdown Lies Absolutely amazing breakdown by Mike Boudet MayraMM Bully Raven Recovery Crimescene Cleanup Liar Toni's army of trolls Morgan Ingram Shelby is Mayra Donald Trump Rant Toni Ingram truth Contact Toni Ingram Blog Toni Ingram Dr. Phil Toni Ingram reddit Toni Ingram Roy MayraMM Exposed  Steve Ingram Toni Ingram tells truth

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More SEO and keyword manipulation from Mike Boudet

Independent podcaster Mike Boudet has the same mindset as Tricia Griffith and Mayra Martinez, which is why all three are friends. The question is, we know Terry Stipp is involved, but is Keenan's mother Jennifer Johnson also involved in this? More keyword manipulation to Morgan Ingram's case has been discovered today.
One of these people is trying so hard to shift blame onto Hannah Hurlocker for Morgan's death. When you type in Morgan Ingram's name, the following shows up: 
Hannah Hurlocker killed Morgan Ingram
Hannah Hurlocker Murderer
Morgan Ingram Hannah Hurlocker
Morgan Ingran Hannah Hurlocker
One of Terry Stipp's active sock accounts (or fake accounts) slipped when she tried to message Toni Ingram and her supporters and make all of them believe Hannah Hurlocker was the one who stalked and killed Morgan. The sock would bring up Hurlocker's name often and even said she had proof she was the one who killed Morgan. This was in early 2014 when the sock made the allegations, shortly before the Sword and Scale podcast.
We have every reason to believe that Mike Boudet is involved in a sense where he's guiding these women to do that, but we do believe this is another derailing tactic used to silence us and to make people believe Keenan Vanginkel is an innocent man. The truth is, we don't believe Hannah Hurlocker killed Morgan because she did not kill her. It is possible she may have been involved in some of the harassment that lead up to Morgan's murder. We do believe Keenan Vanginkel killed Morgan and we are never going to stop until justice is done.

Mike Boudet Sword and Scale Michael Boudet Miami Mike Boudet Sword & Scale Contact Mike Boudet Good Adwords Podcasting True Crime Mike Boudet PPC Marketing What is a PPC Ad Intro to PPC Mike Boudet Miramar Mike Boudet Reddit True Crime Podcast Luka Magnotta Generation Why Bruce Blackman Joseph McEnroe Blog Talk Radio Free Podcast Serial Podcast Serial Killer Podcast Keenan Vanginkel Morgan Ingram Jayden Hannah Hurlocker Innocent Hannah Hurlocker True Crime Stories on Podcast Mike Boudet Florida

Monday, May 25, 2015

Independent podcaster and SEO expert Mike Boudet conspires with Tricia Griffith and Mayra Martinez to silence Toni Ingram, Sarah Afshar, and Joseph Valo

An example of Mike Boudet from
Sword and Scale's SEO work
in an effort to silence Mrs. Ingram.
Independent podcaster Mike Boudet from Miami, Florida who is a friend of Tricia Griffith's of Websleuths along with Mayra Martinez, a woman from Eugene, Oregon who has tried to silence Toni and her supporters since day one have recently struck a new low. It has come to our attention that Boudet along with Griffith and Martinez have manipulated the search engines using slanderous keywords about Toni Ingram and her supporters. We also have every reason to believe Terry Stipp aka Terry Sholes from Weeki Wachee, Florida is also involved because the hate blogs she created under her fake alias show up in the search.
When you search Toni Ingram, the search terms "Toni Ingram crazy" pop up followed by "Sarah Afshar is a Troll" along with "Sarah Afshar Joe Valo trolls" to "Sarah and Joe stalk Michael Odegard" to finally "Sword and Scale" when you type in all three of their names. A small podcast like Sword and Scale mysteriously pops up, as if Boudet wants you to believe that every time someone searches Toni Ingram, his overly edited true crime podcast shows in the search and people automatically go to his podcast when someone types in "Toni Ingram" or "Sarah Afshar" or "Joseph Valo". Boudet works full time as an SEO expert, so we have ever reason to believe he's behind the SEO and keyword manipulation.

More keyword manipulation
by Mike Boudet of
Sword and Scale.
The question is, why would Mike Boudet use the search engines to slander Toni Ingram and her supporters? It was just last year that he was interested in hearing Toni Ingram and her supporters side of the story. When they declined to do his podcast, he published his podcast shortly after he told his listeners to check out Tricia Griffith's podcast.  Yes folks, he told people to check out Tricia's radio show. If that is not a dead giveaway they are friends, I don't know what else is. The sad part is, we are not Toni Ingram, we are not Sarah Afshar, and we are not Joseph Valo. We are people who hung out with Morgan Ingram and knew her personally. We are people who know the truth and the truth is Morgan was murdered.
I think it's safe to say Mike Boudet is just an opportunist trying to sensationalize on the death of Morgan Ingram and nothing more than a bully who is part of the coterie bully brigade who only consists of Mayra, Tricia, Terry, and their sock accounts. The occasional fool will also involve themselves simply because they believe it will help them, but in the end, these so called heroes are really just zeros. Manipulating the search engines will not change the truth.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The ballad of Nancy Nusbaum

Nancy Nusbaum is one of the biggest scammers to ever exist on the internet. Very short, stout, and rumbled, Nusbaum has impersonated everyone from famous people (Henry Rollins is just an example) to law enforcement including attorneys. Rumor has it, she is conspiring with Tricia Griffith of Websleuths and joined the father of trolls, Mayra Martinez (aka MayraMM) to libel and slander Toni Ingram and her supporters. This is no surprise to us as both of them are very similar quality human beings. Here is a good article about this scammer ( which talks about the crimes Nusbaum has committed. Everything from identity theft, money theft, and even impersonation.

A source who has met this woman says they are 100% convinced she is part of the ongoing smear campaign involving MayraMM and that she is impersonating several of the biggest trolls involved in the attacks against Toni Ingram and her supporters Jodin Davunt, Sarah Afshar, and Joseph Valo III. She is also said to have stalked and libeled William Murtaugh, a retired truck driver turned crime blogger from Florida. You can read his blog by visiting There is also proof and evidence that she's still harassing him.

Is she really unregistered sex offender Terry Stipp's sister Pixi_Dust or just pretending to be a relative for her 15 minutes of fame? Who is this con artist? Who is Alex Stanton?

Here is more about Nancy Nusbaum who now goes by the name Alex Stanton and the alias NutritAsher.

Friday, May 22, 2015

No one has threatened Mike Boudet of Sword & Scale

Recently, an independent podcaster named Mike Boudet took to his Sword & Scale account on Twitter to say that Toni Ingram and her supporters were threatening him after his truthful podcast about Mrs. Ingram and her supporters. This is definitely not true. This is, without a doubt, a lie. As you can tell by our blog here, we are all about freedom of speech.

His podcast is filled with fabrication and propaganda (we are sure, based on the guests who appeared on the podcast) so to be honest, most of us have never listened to it which is why we haven't responded to him or the allegations. You ask why. It's simply this, we don't care. They are just words. They are lies. Why respond to lies? We've addressed the facts right here on this blog.

We want justice for Morgan Ingram and at this point, that is all that matters. We do feel bad for Mike Boudet if he's still not over the fact that most of us denied him an interview. If anyone would create threats or threats under many sock accounts, it is Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM of Eugene, Oregon) as she is very known for playing the criminal enabling victim. We are focusing on what matters most, getting justice for the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram from Carbondale, CO. Any threats come from MayraMM aka Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon and her team of socks, definitely not us.


Team Morgan

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Joseph Valo III believes Morgan Ingram was murdered

Joseph Valo III is a huge supporter of the Ingram family and since day one, he and his girlfriend Sarah Afshar have believe Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered. I think most people not only believe Morgan was murdered by her stalker, but know it really did happen. There are too many unanswered questions that have been overlooked by law enforcement in Garfield County. Will there ever be justice? We can only hope.
In the meantime, check out Joe's podcast here

Monday, May 4, 2015

Morgan Ingram supporter interviews Toni Ingram for the second time

Sarah Afshar has made her opinion known that she believes Morgan Ingram was not only stalked, but murdered by the man stalking her. She interviewed Toni Ingram, the mother of Morgan again for a second interview. It is really good and just more proof that Morgan did not take her own life and was murdered. Check out the interview here

Thursday, March 26, 2015