Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another example of Mayra Martinez's desperation

Mayra Martinez has tried to use every trick in the book to discredit Toni Ingram and her supporters and nothing has worked. Absolutely nothing. When victim's rights advocate Joe Valo responds to one of the baby booming bully's friends (at least that is what appears) defending Sarah Afshar, activist and one of Toni Ingram's supporters, take a look at one of her (MayraMM's) alters responding directly to Joe. The tweet wasn't directed to "her" as in @whittny_C (or Whitneyanne Cradell), it was directed to @prle57.  I mean, was Mayra drunk when she responded or simply so manifested with hatred towards Afshar that she responded without thinking she was on the wrong account?
Don't be fooled folks by malicious MayraMM. This is the perfect example of impersonation, of a real catfish, and MayraMM fits the profile.
UPDATE: Minutes after we published this post, the account deactivated. We got several screenshots before Mayra could deactivate. 

No comment.
Update: There is talk that attorney Jay Leiderman is also involved. We have no clue who this person is. We did find this site interesting www.viaviewfiles.net. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why didn't Keenan Vanginkel attend the Dr. Phil show?

On Wednesday, July 10, 2013 the Dr. Phil show will be re-airing the show which featured Toni and Steve Ingram. As the hunt for Morgan Ingram's stalker and murderer continues, the Ingrams will never have closure until justice is served. Please watch Dr. Phil and check your local cable listings for more information on specific times.
Why didn't Keenan Vanginkel attend the Dr. Phil show? If you were being accused of murder, wouldn't you want to use a big stage to clear your name? What did he fear exactly? Did he think Dr. Phil would make him take a lie detector test or did he fear that Dr. Phil would make him crack?
You decide.