Thursday, June 9, 2016

Morgan Ingram was a true talent

Morgan was one of the most talented people I have ever met in my life. She was a true renaissance woman. She really loved learning. She was a fast learner, which is why she was able to accomplish so much up until the final years of her life. I learned so much from her. Morgan was not a dark person, as she loved helping others. Morgan never judged anyone. She was the type to walk up to a homeless person and say hi and give them her last dollar. She was the helping hand that made a dark person, light. No matter what type of person you are or were, she was kind. If you were good to Morgan, she would be good to you. Morgan had friends from all walks of life. She loved life. She was a dreamer, a successor, and an achiever. She had a lot of plans for her future including finishing school, writing books and traveling the world. She never took pills let alone the expired Amitriptyline prescription with only a few pills missing from the bottle. Morgan Ingram never took her own life, as she was never running to begin with. Those people who spread lies about her never knew her or the type of person she was. Don't feed into the lies they are trying to sell. These people are insulting God when they attack someone who has been murdered and is a true victim. No friend of Morgan's would ever reach out to these people either. They are dark people who have an agenda, an agenda that goes beyond what anyone can really understand. Morgan did not commit suicide. She never died from porphyria. Morgan was murdered. We ask God and the angels up above to protect Morgan Ingram and to allow justice to happen. 
Keep Hope Alive!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Morgan Ingram's 'Light a Candle' celebration event

Morgan Ingram was stalked by Keenan Vanginkel for months before he took her life on December 2, 2011. Morgan Ingram did not commit suicide or take her own life. She helped other people who were struggling. It is a well known fact among those who knew Morgan personally (including myself) that she hated pills. When I first met Morgan she told me that she believed in natural remedies to heal and never liked medication. It's obvious she never liked medication considering there was only a few pills missing from the expired Amitriptyline prescription.
As we approach August 16, 2016 we remember the type of person Morgan Ingram was as we celebrate her birthday. If Morgan were alive today, she would be turning 25 years old.
To honor Morgan Ingram, please light a candle to remember her life. Also light a candle to keep her in your prayers as we continue praying that justice happens for what happened to her. Please keep Morgan's family, especially her amazing parents Toni and Steve Ingram in your prayers and lets keep hope alive.  Morgan Ingram was a beautiful bright light, the type of light that deserved to be lit forever.

You can sign up for the event by going here:
#MorganIngram #RIPMorganIngram #JusticeforMorganIngram #RIPMorgan #JusticeforMorgan #KeepHopeAlive


Most of us knew Morgan Ingram which is why we choose to share her story through activism. We also know she was stalked, most likely raped and murdered by the man stalking her. If you have Facebook, take the time to "like" these pages and share them with your friends.
We are never going to stop until justice is done for what happened to Morgan Ingram on that cold, dark December night. We are the Morgan Ingram army. We do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us.
#MorganIngram #JusticeforMorganIngram #RIPMorganIngram #JusticeforMorgan #RIPMorgan #MorganIngramArmy #TeamMorganIngram #TeamMorgan #KeepHopeAlive