Friday, July 10, 2015

The murder of Morgan Jennifer Ingram

Few things cause more suffering than to outlive one’s child. On a cold December night in 2011, the parents and loved ones would learn that suffering all too well when they learned of their daughters death. It was a death caused by terror, it was a death caused by a stalker.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tricia Griffith's history of Catfishing explained on Justice Quest

Since we started this blog in late 2012, we have heard from over 20 people that Tricia Griffith along with her side kicks Terry Stipp and Mayra Martinez all have a history of catfishing and impersonation; however, it was recently that many women started coming forward claiming to be victims of Tricia Griffith. This excludes their family members who have reached out to Justice Quest about their experiences with the true crime administrator.

You can read more here about Tricia Griffith and her menacing There are threads upon threads (at least a hundred) and if you have a story, just post it there.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keenan Vanginkel is a liar

Keenan Vanginkel is a liar and has proved to be a big one. He "thinks" he got away with the murder of Morgan Ingram but he hasn't. Now he's trying to attack law enforcement along with his mother Jennifer Johnson (Dupont) by calling them liars to cover up the fact he is a liar. I wonder where their friend Lou Vallario is. Obviously he did some damage control to keep a guilty man out of jail.

Murtwitnessone aka William Murtaugh

Murtwitnessone aka
William Murtaugh.
William Murtaugh (Murtwitnessone or Murtwitnessonelive) is a victim of Terry Stipp (Windchime) and Tricia Griffith's libel. These women demonstrated recently that if they cannot get their way, they will do whatever they can to feel good about themselves. This includes spreading lies and doing everything they can to commit character assassination of innocent people. We have every reason to believe that Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) is also involved with her group of friends, which only consists of a handful of people, if that.

Here is what he recently told us:

"I first met Terri Stipp at one of the searches for Caylee Anthony. At the time I did not know she was a moderator for At the second search site for Caylee, Terri appeared in a local Orlando TV segment on my coverage of the Caylee search. I also met her once again at a memorial for Caylee shortly after she was found.

Around this time an article appeared written by Alexandra Goddard from Columbus, Ohio that exposed Terri Stipp as an unregistered sex offender. It turns out she was alleged to have had sex with her now deceased ex husband on a kitchen table in front of two minor children. At one point during this incident, the husband had one of the children photograph Terri's sex organ. This incident came to light when they had the film from the disposable camera developed.

Terri pled guilty to four charges of lewd acts in the presence of a minor in return for testifying against her husband. At that time there was no law requiring her to register as a sex offender and thus her convictions went unnoticed until someone started doing background checks of all the staff at the sleuths. 

At the time all of this came out, Terri's sister was a co administrator of my chat and broadcast site. While out of town and without my permission, Tinkerbell as was her paltalk username went live and told everyone the children lied under pressure of their now deceased grandfather. At that time nobody knew there was photographic evidence of the incident.
Terri Stipp, the mysterious individual
behind all of the harassment towards
William Murtaugh.

When I found out. I made my displeasure known and also told my viewers that I did not agree with nor approve of her actions. This started a series of retaliatory actions that lasts to this day. Terri and her sister joined with those who supported them and started one of the most elaborate smear campaigns seen on the internet. There are at least a dozen blogs written about me in highly negative terms. I am being called a pedophile on a daily bases due to someone putting fake chat messages on the internet claiming that I confessed to murdering a missing child and hunting for children to victimize in shopping centers.

I have had ripoff reports made against me as well as numerous police reports ( now called swatting) and countless twitter accounts impersonating me. I could go on for hours but if you want to know everything, just google my usernames MURTWITNESSONE, MURTWITNESSONELIVE, M2KFL and my irl name William Murtaugh.

It was this article that triggered the problems that would eventually cause the problems I am going through today: There is also a topix forum about her

Is Terry Stipp still on Websleuths payroll?
This is another article about when she was alleged to have been involved in the Haleigh Cummings case. I never found out if she was the woman in this article.

This is one of many articles I did on Terri Stipp. You will also be able to follow my various problems that were caused primarily due to the exposure of this woman as a sex offender:

One correction in the article. It was upon further research that I found out that it was actually one of the children who took the photos. This is the article about the sentencing of her then husband:

This is her name before marriage: Terry Annamarie Sholes. Stipp is the surname of her current husband.

You will see that my reputation is in ruins. I firmly believe that Terri Stipp is still active in efforts to keep my reputation tarnished and beyond repair. I have read what Terri has been doing since first notified of her actions several months ago. I was then trolled by what I thought was a twitter account that was impersonating Terri and trolling her. The session soon turned into a defense of her and I soon came to the belief that it was either her or someone supporting her.

It was then that I was contacted and now find myself telling my story to you folks. At the moment I have no solution to offer other than to be here to support you in whatever limited way I can. I have been damaged to the point to where I doubt I will be much help. Many who hear my name in any way related to your dilemma will use it to harm your cause.

I do hope a solution can be found to make her be held accountable for her actions and I stand ready to assist you any way I can." 
Tricia Griffith.

William Murtaugh is guilty of nothing. In fact, this man is innocent and just because he didn't support a pedophile or the accusations that the pedophile was innocent, he is now being smeared by the same people who have attacked Toni Ingram and her supporters, the same exact way.  Yes folks. This man is a victim of cyberbullying and slander by the same group who have lied about Mrs. Ingram and her supporters.

Is Tricia Griffith really Tinkerbell or is it just one of Stipp's many fake accounts? Is it Marcie Wogan?

Keenan Vanginkel still killed Morgan Ingram and we are never going to stop until the truth is exposed for what he did to her. You can spread lies about Mrs. Ingram and those that support her, but that doesn't change that Morgan Ingram was murdered by the man who was stalking her.

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