Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Team Keenan spreads so many lies about Toni Ingram

Why is a sock account falsely accusing Toni Ingram of murder? It also looks like we are not the only ones who think she is a fake account either.
@MaryCaresDoU is another one of the infamous Marcie's accounts. She has had quite a few. @MarcieWogan, @MarcieSWogan, @Sexyvilleluz, @AnnaKarinin, and a ton more. The question remains though, is this really Marcie? We don't believe it is. We actually believe it's Mayra, Tricia, and Terry.
It's a sock account. A very bad one. A very nasty one. It's nice to see we are not the only one who caught on to this because any smart person would know this is not the real Marcie Wogan.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mayra Martinez, Tricia Griffith beg hackers to "take us down"

Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon along with her fellow crusader, Chris Farley in the wig Websleuths administrator Tricia Griffith have tried everything they can to discredit Toni Ingram and her supporters, but nothing has worked. Mrs. Ingram is still blogging and her supporters still have her back. Because nothing has worked, we recently discovered that these two individuals representing #teamkeenan have begged various hackers to "take us down."
7 hackers recently contacted us and told us that they received messages from these women saying we have done all of these things. When I explained that these "things" were untrue, they told both Mayra and Tricia they didn't want to get involved. This type of rejection didn't fly with these two bar hags, so of course they took to the Marcie Wogan alter to go after the hackers they tried to get to hack us. No, we are not kidding.
We haven't asked anyone to take down Mayra Martinez or Tricia Griffith or their many hate blogs of lies about Mrs. Ingram and her supporters because we enjoy watching these women look like fools. They are merely liars and are defending a murderer.