Sunday, February 7, 2016

Someone is stalking this family at night

That "someone" was Keenan Vanginkel of Glenwood Springs, Colorado who was depicted as "Jayden" in this episode. Someone is stalking the Ingrams' home at night. Who was it? Keenan.

Who is watching this family from the woods?

Keenan James Vanginkel of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. That's who. Recently, Toni Ingram, the mother of Morgan Ingram appeared on Investigation Discovery (Discovery ID) on the show Suspicion. Although Mrs. Ingram was able to get her story out there, a few things were dramatized and changed to fit this episode. Some of those things changed were names. Keenan Vanginkel was depicted as "Jayden" instead of his real name "Keenan" the man who stalked Morgan Ingram. Who is watching the Ingrams' from the woods?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Is Tricia Griffith of Websleuths impersonating Toni Ingram and Sarah Afshar?

Tricia Griffith has a history of impersonating people. After all, the true crime administrator has an entire forum dedicated to her internet activity on Justice Quest. It has been said that the owner of Websleuths has been stealing identities for quite sometime. The identities she targets tend to be members and former members of her site and include established people who have retired or have stopped using the internet altogether. Marcie Wogan from Lutherville Timonium, MD is an example of Griffith's latest victim. We recently uncovered a lot of red flags in regards to Griffith and just recently, three people contacted us to tell us that the true crime administrator is impersonating both Ingram and Afshar. One person, in particular shared that she use to work with Griffith and she would constantly ask her members to join her by making others believe that the identities she's stolen are the real people and not her.
"Tricia and I use to be great friends. I even lent her money at one time. I really thought she was a good person at first until I saw what she was about. I realized she was not about helping people, but more so herself. She's a dirty person and will do anything to make anyone back off and give up. After giving her money, I realized that I would never see it again so I decided to let go of true crime and stop altogether. Then, I came across a good site called which is really about helping others and to this day, they never asked for any money from me."
Does the nameless woman think Tricia is impersonating Toni Ingram and Sarah Afshar?
"I don't know much about Toni or Sarah or the Morgan Ingram case, but I wouldn't put it past her to do that. She's done it before. It is a huge reason why her marriage failed. Just be careful because she is dangerous and a professional at slandering and libeling other people."