Sunday, January 6, 2013

Keenan Vanginkel is a hunter

Do you think he also hunts human beings? We think so. After all, look what he did to Morgan Ingram.

Keenan Vanginkel with Jennifer Johnson

Keenan Vanginkel with his mother, Jennifer Johnson (Dupont).

Mayra Martinez is friend's with Jennifer Johnson, Killer K's mother

Interesting how the woman that created "Truth For Morgan" is friends with Jennifer Johnson. As many of you are already aware, that blog is distorted beyond all recognition. The masking of the actual facts. Mayra Martinez has masked out the real testimony, the names, and everything Keenan Vanginkel. Mayra Martinez Exposed for truth about this individual representing Keenan Vanginkel. We (and there are many of us) are never going to stop until the truth is revealed about what he did to Morgan Ingram on that cold December night in 2011. In the meantime, check out Is she getting paid or just doing this on purpose? Can we say cover up? Stay tuned for the truth to be exposed.