Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Sad Christmas

Every Christmas gets harder and harder because there is no justice for Morgan's murder. As I sit here and type this message with tears in my eyes. It's been almost 4 years since she's been gone and this is the 4th Christmas without her. Every year Morgan would do something special for the holidays. I can only hope and pray that 2015 is the year where justice will finally be served. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Some Facts To Consider

The day Morgan Ingram was found dead, there were a lot of things that just didn't make sense. Morgan dressed in street clothes, when Morgan was into wearing pajama pants constantly. Morgan's body on the opposite side of the bed, positioned in a stance that just made no sense to anyone, especially to those who knew her. Lets not forget about the spot on her chest which was picked up by the black light but ignored by officers at the scene. When approached about doing a rape kit, they said there was no sign of sexual trauma, which is not the same thing.
Morgan was into natural therapy for everything she did. She was not into taking pills. An officer went through her cabinets and found an Amitriptyline bottle that expired years prior with only a few pills missing from it. Not enough to kill anyone. How could it have killed her? Impossible. The question is, did he lay it down with the intent to check into it later or was it an accident that he laid it down?
Lets not forget about Dr. Robert Kurtzman who changed the cause and manner of death without giving a full explanation. It's obvious that Kurtzman didn't know what to think of the level of Amitriptyline in Morgan's blood stream. From "natural" to "suicide". I think it's safe to say that Kurtzman himself did not know. Kurtzman threatening the Ingrams when approached with a second opinion is just icing on the cake. Hey Kurtzman, remember that time you were forced to change the cause and manner?
Is 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in the blood stream normal? Isn't 1,000 ng lethal? How on earth did this get into Morgan's blood stream when only a few pills were missing from the expired bottle from Morgan's cabinet?
Why was Brooke Harris's mother Christina fired from the ranch nearby that contained equine Amitriptyline? Was it because Christina attempted to defend Keenan after it was discovered missing?
The autopsy photos reveal signs of a struggle. Blood on the lip along with a swollen lip, as if she was hit in the face multiple times. Strangle marks which show signs of a struggle. There are marks that make no sense but prove she was attacked before she was murdered.
Going back to Morgan Ingram being dressed in street clothes. Why have the Ingrams been unable to find Morgan's pajama pants? They searched everywhere. Where are they?
What happened to Morgan's jewelry? She is missing quite a few of it.
Why do the police reports state one small paragraph for 45 days of work? Did they not believe the Ingrams or this just laziness on their part? Did they not believe that Morgan Ingram would be murdered by her stalker?
Why did the police reports say that Keenan was in Texas when he was in Colorado working at City Market in El Jebel, CO?
Two witnesses saw Keenan walk out of the grocery store, City Market in El Jebel, CO the night of Morgan Ingram's murder.
The sheriff interviewed friends of Keenan's including family members. Of course they are going to cover for him. Even if they knew he did it. Why were none of Morgan Ingram's friends ever interviewed? A scorned ex boyfriend does not count.
Lets not forget about Trent Cook calling Keenan a boy scout, when Keenan has been arrested many times. I guess everyone has their own definition of a "boy scout" right Trent?
Now we are being told that Keenan is trying to shift the blame onto Brooke Harris. Do you remember Brooke Harris? Looking back and seeing what is going on now, we all believe that Harris was manipulated by Keenan to get close to who he really wanted, Morgan Ingram but we simply don't see Brooke as a murderer or even taking part in Morgan's murder. I know some of the supporters disagree and some agree but most of us really believe Brooke is innocent.
Sheriff Lou Vallario constantly saying he will never reopen the case. Also trying to report us to get us to shut up. Other government officials have offered to open the case but Vallario is not letting it happen. Is Vallario scared? If so, what is he scared about? Is he scared that the truth will come out about what happened to Morgan Ingram? Lou Vallario is a criminal himself yet has managed to stay under the radar in spite of the misappropriation of funds. We understand Lou, in your world it is ok.
Looking back at the time from then until present, there are a lot of things that simply make no sense including Keenan not appearing on the Dr. Phil show. Dr. Phil is the perfect platform to say "I did not do this."
Morgan Ingram told everyone she knew that she had a stalker and who the man was stalking her. The Ingrams were going to move but in the end, it was too late and Morgan lost her life. We will never stop until the truth is revealed about what happened to Morgan Ingram on 12/2/11. If this takes a decade or even 30 years, we are not going anywhere until justice is served. RIP Morgan Ingram.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tipline for Morgan Ingram (Updated)

If you know anything about the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram from Carbondale, Colorado please call 1-800-222-8477 or text "NOCO + your message" to 274637. You can also submit a tip online at You can remain anonymous and just remember if an arrest is made, you get paid.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rest in Peace, Morgan Ingram


I remember going through a hard breakup with a boyfriend years ago and Morgan was the first person I talked to. She made me feel at peace and that everything was going to be ok. She made many suggestions to lift my spirits and in the end, they helped. We shared many laughs and everything she recommended to me helped me move on very quick. She was that type of person. She would not be ok until you were ok. She put others before her. 

Morgan Ingram was a beautiful bright light and a free spirit. She was everything you would ever want in a friend. She was never suicidal and she never took her own life. I can promise you that. She was too optimistic and motivated. She was never depressed and was rarely ever down. When others were down or at their lowest, Morgan would bring them back to life because that is the type of person she was.

Morgan was one of my best friends and it is my mission to make sure that her stalker goes to prison for what he did to her because I know that Morgan never took her own life. I could bet on on my life that she was murdered.

Rest in Peace Morgan Ingram, you may be gone but never forgotten in this life or the next one. I love you so much my friend and will never forget you.

August 16, 1991-December 2, 2011