Monday, July 25, 2016

About the Amitriptyline in Morgan Ingram's blood

The toxicology reports (and you can read them here ) reveal that Amitriptyline was in Morgan Ingram's system. The reports state that she tested for 7,909 ng in her blood and 2,287,440 ng in her gastric (stomach fluids). Morgan also had 2,833 ng of Nortriptyline in her blood and 9,431 ng of Nortriptyline in her gastric. With a small Amitriptyline bottle at the scene (keep in mind that the bottle was only missing a few pills and there is proof of this) it is impossible that even if Morgan were to take the entire bottle, she would have died. It is also impossible that the amount found at the actual crime scene itself was what actually killed her. The pill prescription was also expired by 2 years.
According to multiple health sources on the internet (here for example: Amitriptyline doesn't work as well as it would if it were active. Only a few pills were missing from that expired prescription. There is picture evidence of the scene with the pills missing which reveal this. The pills were a low dose, so even if Morgan would have ingested the entire bottle, she would have never died from it. The amount in her system came from a third party source. What we do know is that 300 ng is toxic and 800 ng is lethal. You can read here about this fact. Morgan Ingram was 115 pounds when she died. She didn't regurgitate the amount in her stomach (which was lethal enough) but what killed her was the level in her blood. She had 7,909 ng in her blood.
We have to question why Robert Kurtzman says Morgan died of Porphyria knowing that the level of drug in Morgan's blood was lethal. We also have to question why the amounts in her blood reveal a close ratio of Amitrptyline to Nortriptyline and the amount in her gastric (stomach fluids) had a ratio that was spread apart? The common ratio of Amitriptyline to Nortriptyline is 80 and 200 ng. Morgan Ingram had 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline and 9,431 ng of Nortriptyline in her blood alone and 2,287,440 ng of Amitriptyline and 431 ng of Nortriptyline in her gastric. Look at the ratios and decide for yourself. This is not a suicide.

Now, why would Robert Kurtzman even think of saying this was a suicide let alone natural causes knowing Morgan Ingram had any drug in her blood at all? Did Lou Vallario threaten Kurtzman at the morgue or is Kurtzman refusing to see the truth due to his own selfishness and laziness? This is a homicide folks. Don't be blinded by the lies that are being spread by Team Keenan.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is Jenn Johnson really homebound?

Recently a source came forward with information that we never knew existed. The source told us that Jenn Johnson, the estranged mother of Keenan Vanginkel makes her son take care of the two young children. The source also told us that Keenan takes the children everywhere. The source also told us that Jenn never leaves the house stating that she is always watching TV or logged online into Facebook.
"Every single time anyone visits that family, she was always on the couch watching TV or on the computer logged into Facebook. She makes Keenan do everything including running the children everywhere. She even takes Keenan's keys and only lets him use his vehicle when she wants him to, even though the vehicle is in his name."
The source even went so far to tell us that she uses Keenan's entire paycheck for herself and that she makes him run every errand.
"Yeah, she makes him do everything while she sits at home on the couch watching TV or logged into Facebook. I've seen her in action. She takes his money and says she needs it for stuff. From what I know, he works very hard for a local company. She takes his money and never lets him use his own vehicle unless she has the final say. She doesn't work at all and is home all day long."
If Jen Johnson is doing this, that would make sense that she is also part of the ongoing smear campaign and bullying towards Toni Ingram and her supporters. But, we have to question why she would control Keenan by making him pay for things out of pocket and go so far to take his keys from him. What is her real motive? Does she really believe he killed Morgan, but is not making her opinion known since she is his mother?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kayla Degrote and Keenan Vanginkel call it quits

Do you remember Kayla Degrote? She is the latest and most recent girlfriend of Keenan Vanginkel. It has come to our attention that she recently cut all ties with Keenan Vanginkel. We know that their decision to break up about 2 weeks ago had nothing to do with this blog, but a source close to both Degrote and Vanginkel informed us that Keenan was very controlling and had a personality change during the final month of their relationship.
"Keenan was very controlling. He would always have to know everything. I've watched him in action before. He even went so far to tell her what to wear. She broke up with him because he was very controlling. He also tried to harass her on Facebook. She actually deactivated because of all the harassment. He is scary."

A psychopathic personality is in need of constant control of everything. Aside from being controlling, they are arrogant and always play mind control games. Robert Hare, an expert in psychopathy, says the techniques used by psychopaths are to start a relationship with somebody in order to be able to dominate and control them. Sound familiar?

"I just pray that she is safe. They were dating and he knows where she lives. She has a beautiful baby. I fear for her. If Keenan has a soul left, he would leave her alone."

More details to come. We will say this, if anything happens to Kayla Fay Degrote authorities will be sure to look at Keenan Vanginkel as the number one suspect. If they don't, we will.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The sick things MayraMM says

After her many denials of being "Truth4Morgan" the father of all trolls and quite possibly the biggest baby booming bully out there MayraMM has said a lot of crazy shit, but this takes the cake. No, she is not stubborn, she is a liar. A bold-faced one. Keenan Vanginkel is not innocent by any means. The criminal felon has bragged while intoxicated about killing Morgan Ingram only to play it off as a joke when sober. He is garbage and on the verge of becoming Theodore Joseph Bundy if he is not stopped. We (#TeamMorgan) are never going to stop. We will continue forever because we knew Morgan. You people saying Morgan took her life never knew her. MayraMM doesn't know Morgan nor did she ever know her to begin with. We will always seek justice for Morgan Ingram, the woman Mayra referred to as "used" in the screenshot above. We will never stop and give up in our quest for justice. We will never forget what happened to her on the cold Winter night in December. Mayra (and her many sock accounts) continue to paint a picture of Morgan as someone she is clearly not. Mayra's meltdowns just continue to grow, as she continues to spread many lies while attacking the victim and praising the predator who killed Morgan Ingram. This blog is backed by facts. Real facts and the truth will always prevail. We will never stop sharing it with you as you deserve to know the truth. Justice is coming!